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eTendering System (Buyers):
eTendering system aims to enhance buyers integrity, fairness and transparency of the tender processes and also enables streamlining of the procurement process: Bidders will use eTendering to register themselves, submit their bids, view solicitation documents and receive automatic notifications from the system whenever an event has been modified.
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With eTendering for Buyers...
  • Get exposure to thousands of qualified suppliers.
  • Receive great suppliers.
  • Make the perfect procurement.
  • Electronic sealed bids: eTendering system encrypts bids submitted in the system and does not allow anyone to view any submitted information/data before the bidding deadline;
  • Electronic stamping of the bids: The system stamps all information submitted by bidders and prevents anyone from altering, deleting or adding anything to the bid after the deadline for submission;
  • No late submissions accepted: The system will automatically not accept any bid after the deadline;
  • Provides an audit trail: As the eTendering system records all activity in the system, it keeps an audit trail for increased accountability and transparency.
  • Enhances the integrity and transparency of the procurement process
  • Tracks important data and generates reports for better informed strategic decisions related to procurement.
  • Creates efficiency gains and cost savings through process automations

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