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Printing & Publishing House to provide Printing, Editing, Translation, Publishing and Distribution of Books
DT Global
 Bid No: RFP TEPS-2022-006
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 23 March 2022

Request for Proposals

Solicitation No:         RFP TEPS-2022-006

Title:                           Printing & Publishing House to provide Printing, Editing, Translation,   Publishing and Distribution of Books

Issue Date:                21 March 2022

Closing Date:            23 March 2022

Questions Due:        22 March 2022

Closing Time:            15:00hr (3:00pm) Khartoum, Sudan

Subject:                      USAID Contract No. AID-667-C-14-00001

Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan (TEPS)


DT Global, the implementer of the Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan (TEPS) under USAID Contract No. AID-667-C-14-00001, invites proposals for Printing & Publishing House to provide Printing, Editing, Translation, Publishing and Distribution of Books as described in Attachment I “Statement of Work”

The period of performance for this activity anticipates commencing on March 30th 2022 and ending May 30th 2022. The issuance of a subcontract is subject to availability of funds, successful negotiation of the subcontract terms and budget, and reception of USAID’s Contracting Officer subcontract consent, if required. The Contract resulting from this award is envisioned to be a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) subcontract.

DT Global encourages your organization to indicate its interest in this procurement by submitting a proposal in accordance with the instructions in Attachment II “Instructions to Offerors”. Proposals will be evaluated based on the evaluation criteria established in Attachment III of this solicitation. An award will be made to the Offeror whose proposal represents the best value to the project after evaluation in accordance with the criteria stated in the solicitation.

To be considered under the solicitation process, the Offeror should submit a complete proposal by the means indicated herein no later than the closing date and time indicated above. Offerors should ensure that the proposals are well written, easy to read and follow, and contain only the requested information.

Proposals can be submitted electronically via email to:

TEPS Procurement Team    


 The solicitation number above must also be mentioned in the subject of the email.

All questions relating to this solicitation must be submitted electronically via email to:

Procurement Team at, no later than March 22nd , 2022 at 15:00hrs (3 pm) Khartoum, Sudan time. Unless otherwise notified by an amendment to this RFP, no questions will be accepted after this date. No questions/clarifications will be entertained if received by means other than the specified email address. The solicitation number should be stated in the subject. If you are planning to submit a proposal, it is imperative to confirm receipt of this solicitation by email to  in order to be included on the solicitation mailing list to receive answers to questions and any future amendment(s).

Proposals must be submitted separately via two different emails. The first email shall include the technical proposal as an attachment and should be named “Technical Proposal” and the second email shall include the cost/business proposal and should be named “Business Proposal.”


  • Attachment I Statement of Work
  • Attachment II Instructions to Offerors
  • Attachment III Evaluation Criteria
  • Attachment IV Prime Contract Flow-Down Clauses





Mohamed Abdalla Hassan

Procurement Specialist, Toward Enduring Peace in Sudan

DT Global


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