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Purchase of Medical Equipment's & Supplies
Relief International


Relief International is a 60-year-old development and humanitarian nonprofit alliance and works with vulnerable communities across Sudan to deliver healthcare, secure access to clean water and food, improve basic hygiene practices, and create employment opportunities. Our teams provide primary healthcare, vaccinations, family planning, and care for expectant and new mothers at 47 locations. We also build local capacity by training national health service providers and conducting community-wide campaigns on disease prevention and healthy practices.

 Bid No: RI-SDN-KRT-022-014
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 06 Feb 2022

Relief International (RI) invites your submission of a financial bid in order to provide goods/services in accordance with the conditions detailed in the attached documents. RI seeks a supplier for Purchase of Medical Equipment's and Supplies.

S.No Description of Goods / Services
(add attachment for technical specification if very detailed)
Unit / Form Quantity required 
Medical Equipment's
1 Sphygmomanometer PCS 30
2 Thermometer PCS 80
3 Stethoscope PCS 30
4 Weighing scale - Adult PCS 30
5 Examination bed PCS 10
6 Medical screen with cloth PCS 20
7 Surgical instrument table PCS 20
Personal Protective Equipment's (IPC)
1 Medical Face Mask, Disposable, good breathability, internal and external faces should be clearly identified, 98% droplet filtration, Box 300
2 N95 face mask: Good particle filtration (minimum 94% or 95%), good breathability with design that does not collapse against the mouth (e.g. duckbill, cup-shaped). May be tested for fluid resistance (NIOSH/FDA surgical N95, EN 14 FFP2+Type IIR, GB 19083 Grade/Level 1). PCS 400
3 Alcohol-based hand rub: Bottle 500 mL, at least 80% ethanol or 75% PCS 495
CDKs - Clean Delivery Kits
1 Clean Delivery Kit to be provided to Pregnant women Kit 1,000
baby napkin- cloth, cotton, washable
Baby towel, cotton, approx. 90g/m2, approx. 100 x 100 cm
Bag, plastic, approximately 18 x 28 cm,
Blade, razor, single-edged, sterile, single use
Cotton cloth/towel, “tetra - Approx. 90g/m2. 100 x 100 cm.Washable and absorbable
Draw sheet, plastic, approximately 100 x 100 cm, single use, sturdy
Gloves, examination, latex, medium, sterile, single use
laundry soap, not perfumed, 110 g, wrapped,
new born baby dress- cotton. 0 – 3 months Two pieces – good quality
Toilet soap, bar, approximately 110 g, wrapped,
Umbilical Tape, 3 mm x 15 cm, sealed in plastic
LLINs - Long-lasting insecticidal nets
1 LLINs (for pregnant and lactating women who come to the clinic as part of malaria prevention measures) PermaNet 3.0 PCS 1,000
Transportation and Delivery
1 Transportation and Delivery at el-Fasher North Darfur Delivery 1

 Intrested firms are requested to submit the bids in sealed envelope on the give address on or before 06-Feb-2022, 03:30 PM. For clearification, please send email on 



Purchse of Medical Equipment's and Supplies

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