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Purchase of 4x4 5 Door Vehicle
Relief International


Relief International is a 60-year-old development and humanitarian nonprofit alliance and works with vulnerable communities across Sudan to deliver healthcare, secure access to clean water and food, improve basic hygiene practices, and create employment opportunities. Our teams provide primary healthcare, vaccinations, family planning, and care for expectant and new mothers at 47 locations. We also build local capacity by training national health service providers and conducting community-wide campaigns on disease prevention and healthy practices.

 Bid No: RI-SDN-KRT-022-009
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 14 Feb 2022

4x4 5-door hardtop vehicle

Buffalo featured tire

Standard all-terrain vehicles. Model offered with left-hand drive to meet in-country requirements for Sudan.

Colour: white

Model – 2021-22

-  With air conditioning, ABS, air bags, power windows, central locking and roof rack.

-  Front and rear metallic bumper cover. 

-   Number of seats 10

-   Buffalo featured tire and support

-   Tool kits & Jack

-   Engine: 4x4 – 6 Cylinder Required power:- (KW/Rpm) – 96/3800

-   Manual 5-speed gearbox, plus transfer gearbox High/Low range.

-   Gear lever 2WD and 4WD, floor selector

-   Front torsion bar suspension, rear leaf spring suspension

-   Breaks: Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes

-   Seating:  Forward facing+2x2 Inward facing

-   Door ajar warning Seat belts: front x 3 (2 x 3 point & 1 x 2 point)

-   Door armrests: front & rear Seat belts: rear x 3 (2 x 3 point & 1 x 2 point)

-   Air cleaner, cyclone

-   Steering: Power steering, steering lock

-   Front towing hook Under cover

-    Halogen headlamps

-    Front wipers, 2 speeds

-    Single-tone horn

-    Sun visors, (2)

-    Glove box with lock

-    Outside rear-view mirror, (2) on doors

-    Fuel tank minimum 130 litres, fuel cap without lock, fuel-tank protector

-   Tinted, laminated windscreen

-   Front and rear mudguards

-   Digital clock

-   Front heater

-   Cigarette lighter and ashtray

-   Assist grip handles, 1 front, 2 rear

-   AM/FM radio ETR CS (L), 2 speakers

-   Air conditioning

-   1 spare wheel

-    Mechanical jack and toolkit

-    Owner manual, English

-    Parts catalogue, English

-    Repair manual, English



Date RFQ sent out:

-          30/01/2022

-          Date quotation due back: 05/02/2022

Amarat Area, St. No’ 3, Building No’ 29, Block 10/A

Khartoum, Khartoum State, 11111, Sudan
















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