Pre-Qualification of Suppliers
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 27 Jan 2022



The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Commissioned by the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, is hereby invites interested eligible firms to submit applications for pre-qualification of suppliers of the following categories of Goods. All the suppliers with whom we are currently engaged also need to re-apply.



                              CATEGORY DESCRIPTION



GIZ /20212022/G01

Building Materials such as prefabricated Structures, prefabricated buildings, Paints, electrical materials and related accessories such as, reinforcement steel, cement, steel plates, hand tools, circuit breaker, wires, etc.


GIZ /20212022/G02

Books and Printing such as branded promotional materials like T-shirts, Shirts, Caps, Notebooks, textbooks…. Etc.


GIZ /20212022/G03

Office supplies, stationeries and training materials such as office furniture, stationeries, etc.


GIZ /20212022/G04

Camping equipment such as, Living tents, Camping Bed, Sleeping bag, Mobile Medi-Care Box (with first Aid Kits),...etc.



GIZ /20212022/G05

PCs and accessories such as Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, Scanners, Faxes, telephone, headsets, cameras, servers, computer Software and hardware, and other related accessories.


GIZ /20212022/G06

Electronic equipment such as security cameras, any electronic related equipment


GIZ /20212022/G07

Vehicles such as SUV vehicles, Sedan, etc.


GIZ /20212022/G08

Spare parts for vehicles such as tires, engine and body spare parts, and accessories.


GIZ /20212022/G09

Laboratory fittings such as testing equipment


GIZ /20212022/G10

Agriculture and forestry tools, equipment products such as tractors, Planter, Chisels, Wide level disc, sesame Cutters, Grain thresher, Trailer and any related equipment


GIZ /20212022/G11



GIZ /20212022/G12

Medical technology



GIZ /20212022/G13

Metal technology, mechanics such as metal forming equipment, metal repair tools, heavy mechanical equipment, etc


GIZ /20212022/G14

Food aid


GIZ /20212022/G15

Plant protection, livestock such as Seeds, plant protection tools, hermetic bags, etc,


GIZ /20212022/G16

Telecommunication such as Phones, mobile, video conference system, any telecommunication tools and equipment


GIZ /20212022/G17

Miscellaneous, general supplies



Pre-qualification Requirements for Business Entities

Competing Business Entities must attach the following:

  1. Comprehensive Company profile.
  2. Certificate of Corporation and Registration.
  3. Proof of Business Address
  4. Copy of VAT registration certificate.
  5. Financial capacity information such as bank reference letter or a recent 6 months bank statement.
  6. Evidence of experience for the supply of similar items matching the category you are interested to be prequalified for.


For consideration, all interested bidders should submit their expression of interest to this email, then the prequalification form shall be shared with the interested company, afterward, the full set of the required documents should be submitted in English Language only in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to GIZ Sudan Office reception at No. 3, Amarat Street, House 28, Block 10a Khartoum, Sudan, labelled stated below:



* insert category reference code and description


Your complete documents should not be more than 30 pages. Only complete documents received at the physical address indicated not later than Thursday 27th January 2022 will be accepted and considered.




1 This is only an invitation for prequalification, GIZ may cancel the process at any time without notice. Submission of application does not result in any contractual relationship between the bidder and GIZ.


2 The bidder is fully liable for any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of their application.



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