Bid No: PN:17.4048.9-005.00
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 24 Jan 2022







The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH through its implementing program “Integrated Measures to Promote Rural-Urban Value Addition and Employment” is Co-Financed by the European Union and implemented in eastern Sudan. Under this program, a number of interventions are being carried out to achieve GIZ’s overarching aim of improving food security of communities supported by the program and availing water for irrigation during dry seasons. Haffir construction is part and parcel of this multi-faceted approach.


Towards this end, GIZ-Sudan will construct three (3) Haffirs in selected areas within the project locations in eastern Sudan. Haffir construction will be accompanied by supervision of the construction work for the entire duration of the work. The locations earmarked for the construction of Haffirs are: Abouda Al-Sudania, Umm Gargour and Karkora; one (1) Haffir will be constructed in each location. Subsequently, GIZ-Sudan wishes to recruit competent company to supervise the Haffir construction work that will entail earthwork, fencing, inlet and outlet systems in the three (3) locations.


The Scope of Work Include:


1.    Supervise the survey activity for Haffir coordinates and levels to ensure correct set outs for all work activities;

2.    Supervise Earthwork Activities:

a.    Excavation: Quality of excavation done taking into account adherence to the required dimensions and time-frame;

b.    Embarkment: Quality of the embarkment work and the time-frame;

3.    Supervise Fencing: Quality of the fencing work and materials used for the fencing work and timeliness;

4.    Supervise Construction of Inlet System: Quality of the excavation work, installing pipes and building wells and timeliness; and

5.    Supervise Construction of Outlet System: Quality of the excavation work installing pipes and building wells and timeliness


Selection Criteria:

Interested companies should have the capacity to concurrently supervise construction of three Haffirs. The Haffirs will be constructed at the same time; therefore, supervision of the construction work must be carried out concurrently in all the three locations.


Interested companies should submit evidence in their applications that demonstrate that they have previously carried out similar assignment in the country.







1)    Official letter expressing interest in the tender

2)    Company details including full company name, full address, phone and  email;

3)    Copy of company registration certificate;

4)    Copy of valid architectural and engineering license for Sudan required to perform the proposed work (Certificate from “ House of Expertise Organizing Council for Sudanese Consulting Services)

5)    VAT Registration Certificate

6)    Tax certificate from the tax chamber (evidence that the bidder has paid all taxes)

7)    Company profile including number of employees (permanent/ temporary, in total) and number of professional staff qualified to perform the works, each for the last five (5) years, and short CVs for the key staff. Key staff must be proficient user of English Language (Speaking, Understanding, Writing) according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:


Required permanent key staff for the project


a) 3-Qualified civil engineer with extensive experience, 5+ years professional experience in Haffir construction;

b)  3- Qualified Surveyors possessing certification in survey with  5+ years professional experience in surveying work for Haffir construction

c) 6-Technical Support with extensive experience in Haffir construction in Sudan


8)    Minimum of three (3) maximum of five (5) references of work of similar nature as specified above with detailed scope of work done, stating description of materials, approach, design for each reference including pictures, names of clients, address, contact person and phone number. The work should have been performed within the last five (5) years, and the expertise should be in a similar list as highlighted above. GIZ may interview potential applicants to verify the similarity of the reference projects. Applicants should also state the value of similar works of similar nature as specified above (for each of the last five years (5). No technical drawings are required at this stage and each reference should not be more than four (4) pages;

9)    Provide evidence of annual company total turnover for each of the last five (5) years. A minimum turnover of 60,000 Euro per year is required. Acceptable evidence are bank statements or audited financial statements.


The contract for proposed service supervision will be issued in United States Dollars (USD) hence payments will be via bank transfer or cheque to successful company’s nominated accounts held in company’s name account details in any bank. There will be no payments or transfer to third-party/related company hence it is your company responsibility that you have all required foreign currency bank information in line with financial regulation in the country. Further, there will be no payments in cash.


The information and documents specified above should be submitted to GIZ on or before 24th January 2022 by 16.00 at the latest in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to

GIZ Country Office Amarat Street 3, House No. 28, Block No. 10A Amarat Town, Khartoum East



The back of the sealed envelope must be clearly marked as follows:


“83400809 - Expression of Interest for Service Supervision-Haffirs Construction”


All documents must be submitted in English language. For official document in Arabic Language, translated copies must be submitted duly signed by Director or Legal representative of the company. 

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