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Clean Delivery Kit
Concern Worldwide
 Bid No: CWW/KHT/000206/2021/11 CDK
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 15 Dec 2021

Tender Advertisement

Tender Reference: CW/SUD/KHT/000206/2021/CDK


Concern Worldwide, intends to establish a fixed contract for the Supply and Delivery of 1,650 Clean Delivery Kits as follows to the Concern Worldwide Office in El Fula.  Items to be supplied per kit are as follows

NO Item Quantity 
1 Plastic Sheet 1
2 Clean Razor 1
3 Cord Ties 3
4 Anthisptect Soap 1
5 Disinfectant tablets 10
6 Gloves 2
7 Cotton Wool 1
8 Gauze 1
9 Umbilical Cord 1
10 Baby Powder 1
11 Baby Towel  1
12 Pictorial Instructions  1


Sample will be required.


Interested Suppliers must supply all of the items listed and not part of the list.  This tender is advertised as one complete Lot. 


The programme activities are carried out in the West and South Kordofan States with financial assistance from the European Union and ECHO.  The tender dossier for the supply and Delivery of Clean Delivery Kits can collected by email    The tender pack will also be available on  The deadline for submission of tenders is 1500 (GMT +2) 15th December 2021


(Concern retains the right to accept or reject any offer/proposal prior to the award of contract and to annul the bidding process and reject all offers at any time.)


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