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Project Baseline Study for Integrated Development and Resilience Initiative in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States (IDRI- SKBNS)
VSF Germany
 Duration of Appointment: Not to exceed 45 days
 City: South Kordofan State (Abassiya, Rashad, and Abu-Jubeiha Localities) and Blue Nile State (Gissan, Wad- Almahi and Tadamon Localities) VSF-Germany and its Partners for this Project have Offices in Damazine, Kadogli, Dalanj, and Abassiya to support the l
 Deadline: 07 Dec 2021


This project intends to improve the well-being and resilience of people affected by accumulated crises through a one health approach that aims to sustainably improve food and nutrition security, increase access to WASH and health services, strengthen the target communities’ NRM practice, and promote peaceful coexistence in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States. Most  of the current interventions in the target states focus on providing humanitarian assistance, even though this is relevant and needed, however there is a pressing need to consider recovery interventions so as to promote dependency reduction and increase resilience of the communities to withstand future shocks. VSF-G and partners have established presence in the target areas and (based on their expertise) have been implementing multi-sector and multi actor relief projects addressing FSL, WASH, Health, Nutrition, Protection and Education needs of the target people. So, this project builds on the assessment results of VSF-G and partners on prioritized needs for intervention in the target areas, and lessons learned from previous and ongoing interventions. The security situation has been mostly stable in the localities targeted by the project; which is conducive to introduce development programs, and it also enables VSF-G and partners to closely manage implementation of the project activities. Additionally, the political transition is supportive of implementing development programs, as well as the project is in line with the national and state-level strategic objectives. The protracted conflict and the deterioration of the macroeconomic situation in Sudan have negatively affected the capacity of poor households

to secure their basic needs such as food, health, shelter, education and protection. In addition, the limited access to livelihood opportunities, increased risks of poverty, social exclusion and violent conflict. The local capacities and infrastructure in the target areas are limited, deteriorated and require strengthening and rehabilitation to cope with the high demand on the available services and resources. The project will enhance resilience through a one health approach and contribute to a humanitarian-development-peace nexus in Sudan through performing the following: implementing a multi sector project to provide holistic response to the needs and priorities of the target communities; establishing a strong project management structure; sharing experience and expertise among VSF-G and partners to effectively and efficiently address identified needs; and by accounting for the considerable change in the operational context (political and economic) while developing this project (opportunities and challenges).


Assignment Deliverables:

The consultant will be responsible to provide the following deliverables:

  1. Inception report with the assignment methods, standard tools for data collection and work plan proposal;
  2. The project baseline study draft report;
  3. The final report in hard and soft copies;
  4. High quality photographs documenting the baseline study process;
  5. Filled data collection tools and dataset; and
  6. PowerPoint presentation of key findings and recommendations.


The report should be submitted in English language and should be of high quality to share with donor and interested third parties.

The report should be structured to reflect findings with regard to actual figures and baseline data specific to the project indicators outlined in “1.2.” above, as well as gender and security situation analysis of the target communities. As well as, any other quantitative or qualitative findings that are relevant and useful for the project implementation and decision making.


Tasks of the Consultant:

  1. Review and analyse secondary data;
  2. Develop appropriate methods and tools that encourage participation;
  3. Develop a realistic sampling technique;
  4. Perform data collection from a representative sample;
  5. Documentation of the assignment process (i.e. photographs, videos, etc.);
  6. Perform data entry and analysis;
  7. Prepare the draft and final reports; and
  8. Present and discuss the results of the assignment.


Timeframe for the Assignment:

The actual duration of the assignment will be determined based on the approved plan of the consultant. The overall duration of the assignment, including the submission of the final report should not exceed 45 days and should be accomplished by mid-January, 2022.


Profile of the Consultant:

The assignment will be contracted to a research consultancy company or a multidisciplinary consultancy team with experience and capacity to carry out similar assignments, particularly, project baseline studies, final evaluations, and assessments tasks.

The consultancy team should be composed of experts (i.e. three to five professionals) in fields relevant to the project components and hence the baseline study, including: Agriculture and Natural Resource Management; Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Peace. The lead of the consultancy tam should have the following capacities:

  1. A university degree at the post-graduate level in social sciences, rural development, agriculture, public health or other relevant field of study;
  2. He/she should possess relevant experience and a record in carrying out similar assignments, in Sudan or similar context;
  3. He/she should have experience in conducting focus group discussions, key informant interviews and household surveys;
  4. He/she should have excellent communication, analytical and report writing skills (in English); and
  5. He/she should be comfortable with the necessary computer skills.


Other consultancy team members should have: university degree at the post- graduate level in: Health, WASH, NRM, and Peace; they should possess relevant experience and a record in carrying out similar assignments, in Sudan or similar context.



Interested and qualified candidates should send a cover letter responding to the Terms of  Reference that includes CVs, and proposals including work plan and a budget to:  CC.,,, and indicating the title of the assessment in the subject line.

The deadline for the application submission is December 7, 2021.


For the Project Baseline Study process and more details check the below attached document.


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