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Engagement of Audit firm for Statutory Audit.
Relief International


Relief International is a 60-year-old development and humanitarian nonprofit alliance and works with vulnerable communities across Sudan to deliver healthcare, secure access to clean water and food, improve basic hygiene practices, and create employment opportunities. Our teams provide primary healthcare, vaccinations, family planning, and care for expectant and new mothers at 47 locations. We also build local capacity by training national health service providers and conducting community-wide campaigns on disease prevention and healthy practices.

 Bid No: RI-SDN-KRT-021-134
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 13 Nov 2021

RI Sudan office is seeking to procure external audit services as per Government of Sudan mandatory requirement, for extension of country registration, and in order to obtain independent and objective assurance as to whether the financial statements of RI Sudan present fairly, in all material respects. The financial position of RI in accordance with the International Standard on auditing (lSA) promulgated by the IFAC and the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

The audit firm shall report in two documents, which includes an audit opinion in the submitted Auditor’s report and Management letter describing the scope of the audit and factual findings.


All proposals (technical and financial) along with registration form and details (Name, designation, Nationality and DOB) of key positions should submitted by December 01, 2021 at the given address. In case of any security, concern within the Khartoum city while considering the current situation the proposals via email also accepted.

RI-SDN-KRT-021-134 Statutory Audit

Kashif Shafique

Deputy Country Director – Operations


Amarat Area, St. No’ 3, Building No’ 29, Block 10/A, Khartoum State, 11111, Sudan State.

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