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Engineering Consultant
Concern Worldwide
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 25 Nov 2021







Concern Sudan Programme has been implementing various infrastructure and water supply projects in various locations in Sudan. The programme has operations in Khartoum, West Darfur, Kordofan and Gedaref and works on a variety of programmes that includes HN (Health and Nutrition), FSL (Food Security and Livelihoods), WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) and PeaceBuilding.


In West Darfur, the programme base is in El Geneina where Concern Sudan has programmes in HN, FSL, WASH and Peacebuildng. These programmes have various infrastructure components that have planned and programmed for implementation. Designs for a majority of these infrastructures have been or are in the process of being finalized. Construction activities are in some areas on going and some are in the tender stages and awaits construction implementation.


While there are programme staffs on the ground, Concern Sudan wishes to hire a Consultant who will administer, manage, supervise and oversee both Engineering and Construction activities for some more specific infrastructure projects that require specialized skillsets and experience.


The Consultant shall report to the Area Coordinator and shall coordinate with HQ and Surge Engineering Staff in the conduct of the consultancy.




The programmes in El Geneina particularly WASH, HN and Peacebuilding have planned for infrastructure projects that are to be implemented at last quarter of this year to probably until the middle or end of the first quarter of 2022. These infrastructure projects are spread over West Darfur in areas such as Abu Sorog, Geulo, Sirba, Sisi, Mornei, Adar and some parts of El Geneina township as well and they involve a variety of infrastructure from small market sheds, to full market compounds, borehole wells drilling and hand pump installations, water yards and water system construction and rehabilitation works.


A Surge Team member was posted to support the programme in September and will be demobilizing in early December 2021 and has completed the preparation of technical documentations that includes detailed designs and plans preparation, scoping of works, technical specifications, bills of quantities and cost estimates for infrastructure projects that have been planned. Logistics section of Concern in both Khartoum and El Geneina are hard at work to have these projects tendered out to contractors and partners. Process is also underway to award contracts for construction of various infrastructure projects and it is hoped that by end of November 2021, several of these contracts will be ready for contract signing and/or awarding for implementation in December 2021 or early 2022.




The main objective of this consultancy is the implementation of the developed plans for infrastructure projects of the various programmes in West Darfur. The Consultant is expected to provide a full range of Construction and Engineering Administration, Management and Supervision to complete all programmed projects that have been previously developed by the programme team.


This consultancy is to provide construction and engineering administration of contracts; management and supervision of construction and engineering activities; prepare additional design works (if necessary); make improvements and amendments to developed technical documents; participate in technical evaluations of bids; conduct pre-construction meets; supervise and monitor construction activities, certify completion of activities and payments; prepare reports and overall oversight of all construction and engineering related activities for the programme in West Darfur or as assigned.




As mentioned in the Objectives above, the Consultant is expected to oversee all Construction and Engineering related activities in relation to the projects listed in the succeeding paragraphs.


The projects for which the Consultant is expected to provide the services are listed down, however, this is not extensive list and may be amended by Programme and Country Management of Concern as required (the parties shall agree upon any modification to the ToR Scope):


A brief description of infrastructure projects the Consultant is expected to provide his services:


Projects under HN (Health and Nutrition)

1. The rehabilitation works at the Sisi and Mornie Health Facility in Sisi. These Works include civil construction rehabilitation activities and electrical solar powering systems rehabilitation.

2. The rehabilitation and improvement works at the Adar Health Facility in Adar. These Works also include civil works construction and rehabilitation activities and the development of a solar powering system to provide electric power to the Health Center.


Projects under WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)

1. The rehabilitation of Geulo Water Yard and Water System. The Works consist of rehabilitating existing boreholes (3 nrs) with existing solar powered system (2 nrs.) and the development of an existing Borehole (with an existing solar pump. Rehabilitating the supply lines from each borehole site to the existing water tower, ensuring that the supply pipeline is sufficiently designed and properly constructed. Construct a new solar powering system for one Borehole site (undeveloped). Rehabilitation and repairs of broken or damage equipment and fittings on the Water Tower. The Works may also require the re-designing or re-calculation pump capacities based on results of pump test.

2. The contract administration and management of the construction of a second water tank tower in Geulo. Contract may need to be of international standards and hence Consultant must be familiar with the use and application of international contracting modes eg. FIDIC, NEC or similar internationally accepted contract formats and conditions.. The consultant may also need to be familiar with measured contracts as well as milestone contract payment modes. The Consultant is also expected to prepare and endorse to Management interim and completion payments based on agreed contract conditions. Prepare any variation and/or changes that may be made necessary to the contract all in due consideration of the conditions of contract and agreement.

3. The implementation of Borehole drillings in two areas in Geneina and Mornei. A total of 7 boreholes are planned for drilling. To complete these boreholes, the installation of hand pumps is also planned. It may also be necessary for the Consultant at one point or another to be able to analyse and interpret Geophysical Investigation Reports prior to the drilling activity.


Project under Peace Building

1.  The construction of the Krindig Livestock Market Compound in Krindig. The project covers an area of 20 meter x 40 meters and is enclosed with a Chainlink Fence Perimeter. The market shall be fitted with a small Revenue Office, a Toilet and Bath Facility that will also double as a Water Tower (2 – 2000 liter capacity plastic water tank will be installed on the concrete roof), a shed/shelter and some animal/livestock water troughs. The compound will be fitted with two access gates.

2. The construction of the Sirba Market Shed in Sirba. This is a small market shed measuring 5 meters x 20 meters and is constructed of steel pipes, rectangular hollow sections and roofing sheets. The shed is elevated from the ground by 30 cm. and has a concrete floor 10 cm thick.

3. The rehabilitation of Abu Sorog Water System. These Works shall include rehabilitation works on the borehole to include pump testing and disinfection. The Consultant will be required to provide his/her expertise in conducting or proposing the necessary test on the borehole well to ensure that the water is safe and potable prior to the total rehabilitation of the project. The Works also includes rehabilitation and repair works on the existing elevated water tank tower which has some leaks and corrosion on its sheet metal plates and supports. Additional works include the construction of a new and improved access ladder, repainting of the tower, rehabilitation of water tapstands, construction of animal/livestock water trough.

4. The rehabilitation of Sirba Water Yard and System. These Works shall include but not be limited to the pump testing of the existing borehole well, water quality testing and analysis, repair of leaking steel water tank tower, improvements on the fencing enclosure of the solar array stands, cleaning and removal of vegetation to provide adequate coverage of sunrays to the solar panels, rehabilitation and construction of new fencing/enclosure of the water yard, construction of two new access gates. Increasing taps on existing tapstand and constructing an additional pipe network to provide tapstand to a location outside of the water yard.


Basic technical documentations in regards to the above listed project have already been developed. The Consultant is expected to study and review these documents and prepare them for construction implementation.


In general, the Consultant is expected to perform the task of Overall Project Manager/Designer for Infrastructure an Engineering acting as both PM and Contracts Administrator for Infrastructure Works to ensure the successful implementation of planned projects as detailed above.




The Consultant is expected to provide bi-weekly and/or monthly reports on all construction activities being implemented. The reports shall follow standard construction reporting format and shall provide information on physical status of projects, contractors staffing and equipment status on site, photos of accomplishments, reports on test conducted, reports of any issues or problems at site and recommended solutions, weather, visitors log, etc.


Each individual project shall be have its own reports depending on the mode of implementation (on Contract or by Administration).


These report shall be scanned and filed by the Consultant and either by electronic mail to the Area Coordinator and Programme Manager of the respective programmes.




The Consultant shall coordinate his activities with the Area Coordinator and the respective Programme Manager for each programme. He/she shall have access to transport facilities by Concern in El Geneina Office and shall be accompanied by programme staff while conducting his services.


The Consultant from time to time shall need to coordinate or may require information regarding the project that the Programme staff might not have access to particularly technical documentations ie. plans, drawings, designs, scopes, specifications and estimates. The Consultant for this issue shall coordinate with either the Area Coordinator or the WASH Advisor in Dublin or the Surge Team Engineer that developed the technical documentations.




The following key Qualifications, Skills and Abilities for the Selected Consultant are deemed vital and important for the consideration of the proposal:


  • A degree in Engineering (Civil or Structural are preferred) with a masters (in Engineering) is an advantage.
  • Preferably a registered member of professional societies and associations. Duly recognized by the state as a Professional
  • 20 to 30 years of Professional engineering experience in general infrastructure construction (horizontal and vertical)
  • Preferably with engineering design experience (5 to 10 years) of buildings, structures, water systems, solar installations, water towers (reinforced concrete and/or structural steel)
  • Proficiency and familiarity with all aspects of the Construction Project Cycle.
  • Should have experience in developing, estimating, costing, specifications writing of construction activities. (understanding of WBS system would be an advantage)
  • Familiarity in design for both Reinforced Concrete and Structural Steel Design and modalities.
  • Familiar with Codes and Standards (Local and International) applied in Construction and Engineering Works
  • Have extensive contract management experience preferably in international setting. The use and familiarity of international contracting modalities such as FIDIC, NEC, WB is mandatory.
  • Proficiency in field supervision of construction, monitoring and analysis of construction activities.
  • Familiarity with supply chain, logistics, transport and procurement of services.
  • Experience in multi-sectoral infrastructure activities.
  • Practical knowledge and understanding of Water, Hydrology and Hydraulics in application to WASH Programming
  • Extensive experience in Construction Project Management from preconstruction to post construction activities.
  • Working knowledge of design and drafting software (AutoCAD,Draftsight, StaadPro, Etabs, and the likes)
  • Must be able to work on Mircosoft Packages.
  • Good physical health, able to work with diverse groups.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Good command of the English Language and ability to provide good Written Technical Reports.




The duration of the services shall initially be for three (3) months but may be subjected to extension, subject to necessity and funding availability.




The Consultant is expected to submit a proposal that would enable the team at Concern to evaluate his credentials and determine if it meets the requirements. In line with this, the Consultant is to submit the following for proposal evaluation:


1.   A comprehensive and detailed Curriculum Vitae detailing the Consultants education, work experiences and other relevant personal and professional information.

2.   The Consultant is the provide a comment or comments on the Terms of Reference

3.   The Consultant is to provide a Methodology or Approach for Implementing the Required Services (this may include a program or plan, schedule, briefs on how the services would be achieved and completed)

4.   References (previous consultancy contracts similar to this one, contacts of persons or clients for verification and vetting)

5.   Any other document or report that the Evaluation Committee may consider to determine the proposal viable.



How to apply

  • Offers / bids to be submitted to quoting in the subject line “SR 0291702: Consultancy”
  • Offers must be submitted by 16:00Hrs GMT+2 on or before the 25th Nov 2021




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