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For a qualified and competent support to provide a consultancy service
Norwegian Refugee Council

The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. We work in crises in more than 30 countries, where we help save lives and rebuild futures.



 Bid No: PF-KRT-498-PR8100211
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 28 Oct 2021


Date: 21st October 2021   


From:  Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) 


Address: The Nile Tower, Fourth Floor Block 10, Building #20, Street 63, Khartoum – Sudan


Contact person:           Omar Nagi

Position:                       Procurement Officer


Phone:                        +249 91 121 9835 or +249 99 069 0902



Deadline for submission:  28 October 2021 at 16:00

The office of the Norwegian Refugee Council is looking for a qualified and competent support to provide a consultancy service as Terms of reference in Annex 1.







Unit Rate with VAT

Total Price with VAT



Consultancy Service

NRC is seeking a short-term consultancy, from 1st November to 16th December. The assignment will focus attention to scoping livelihoods opportunities to reduce negative coping strategy in South Kordofan. The research project will entail both desk review of previous assessments, existing policies as well primary data collection form Internally Displaced Person, Refugee, host community, organizations and institution relevant in delivering resilience and self-reliance in South Kordofan.

The consultant will be required to develop a 30page report containing findings and recommendation to guide NRC intervention in strategic period 2022.











Please submit your offer via email to – please copy in in accordance with the requirements mentioned hereafter.

You can submit the price offer by using the table on page 1, or by using your own proforma document.

-               Email to the above-mentioned address (PDF file only)

Your offer must be signed and stamped on all pages.


  • Cover Letter
  • 1 technical offer detailing the proposed assessment framework, methods, and the assessment team (max. 3 pages);
  • 1 financial offer (Excel) detailing the costs of the assignment (including transport costs, enumerators costs etc.);
  • CV of the of team leader demonstrating relevant experience / knowledge and alignment with the specification above (max 4 pages);
  • 2 references from recognized organisations, which will be consulted for information about the consultant prior experience in the relevant field of study;
  • Please include feasible start date and mention where you found this posting. Preference will be given to applicants who include at least an executive summary or abstract of a similar work conducted;
  • Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration certificate (Tax registration) if applying as a business entity instead of an individual consultant
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate (if VAT is to be charged) if applying as a business entity instead of an individual consultant
  • Major clientele of the firm/ individual consultant (preferably INGOs)
  • Sample of previous work in similar consultancy work
  • Registration Certificate





What is the currency of the offer?

(USD, SDG other…)

NRC can accept quote in USD or SDG, but supplier must choose and provide quotation in only one currency. In case a supplier provides quotes in both currencies, only the SDG quote will be considered.


If your offer is in USD, then payment will be made by bank transfer.

  • Do you have a USD account in Sudan?
  • If YES, then in which bank. (Preferable)
  • Do you have a USD/ EUR/ NOK account abroad? If YES, then in which bank.

(Please provide bank details for each account)


Please confirm that the individual consultant or owner of the consultancy company provides consent to the mandatory Counter Terrorism check that will be conducted by NRC.

Thank you for providing a copy of the ID or Passport of the person.


Do you accept payment after delivery?

Payment will be made within 30 working days of receipt of agreed deliverables


What is the validity period of your offer?

(In days) – minimum 30 days



IMPORTANT NOTE regarding USD quotes and payments for in-country payment:


  • You must choose between quoting in USD and quoting in SDG.
    • Do not provide quotes in both currencies. If you do so, only your quote in USD will be considered for assessment.
  • If your quote is in USD, then you will be paid in USD.
    • You must be in capacity to accept the payment.
  • NRC will favour payment in SDG
  • In case your company quoted in USD, in Sudan, in the same bank.
  • NRC has USD bank accounts in :
    • Blue Nile Mashreg Bank
    • United Capital Bank.
  • For payment within Sudan, you must have a bank account in one of the same bank as NRC.


We encourage you to contact us directly if you have questions or need clarifications before submitting your quotation.


  1. Payment information


For payment by cheque, please indicate under which name NRC shall issue the cheque. You can write name in Arabic or in English.



Attention: if the name is not the company name, please provide a supporting letter to authorized NRC to issue the cheque under the name of the owner of the company or under the name of one of its employees. Contact us directly for more details.




Payment will be made by bank transfer/cheque only. For payment by bank transfer, please provide bank account information.


All suppliers doing business with NRC should maintain high standards on ethical issues, respect and apply basic human and social rights, ensure non-exploitation of child labour, and give fair working conditions to their staff. NRC reserves the right to reject quotations provided by suppliers not meeting these standards.


Vendors doing business with NRC will be screened on anti-corruption due diligence before NRC confirms an order or contract.


NRC aims to purchase products and services that the minimum environmental impact. Environmental considerations form part of the NRC selection criteria, and NRC reserves the right to reject quotations provided by suppliers not meeting these standards.


NRC is obliged to ensure that its procurement decisions are clearly justified and documented and keeping within the Donors mandatory principles. In that regard, full and on-the-spot access must be granted to representatives of NRC, the Donor or any organisation or person mandated by it, to premises belonging to NRC or its contractors. The right to access shall include all documents and information necessary to assess, or audit the implementation of the contract.


NRC reserves the right to accept or reject the whole or part of your quotation based on the information provided. Incomplete quotations which do not comply with our conditions will not be considered.


Shortlisted applicants may be required to submit samples of each item. Please be sure to have all samples available at short notice, and wait for a response from NRC if you have been shortlisted.


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