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Conduction of Needs Assessment for Development area- White Nile State
Plan International
 Bid No: INVITATION FOR Proposal # (0030- CO) Sept- 2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 2021

  Application Process & Requirements

Interested Consultant must submit the following documents:

a)    Cover Letter,

b)    CV of the firm and the survey team members that will be involved in the assessment.

c)    Sample of previous work in similar consultancy work (assessment/survey/baseline assessment). It can be a part of the CV.

d)    Technical proposal to conduct the assessment which reflects on the following: -

·       show a thorough understanding of this term of reference.

·       plan for the assessment information to be collected (detailed timeframe, including dates for submission of first draft and final report).

·       proposed methodologies appropriate given the objective of the assessment.

·       include a description of how to approach the data gathering methods and how to approach sampling.

·       How assessment tools will be developed.

·       Final report.

  Tentative financial proposal (budget) containing:

·       consultancy fees/costs.

·       field data collection expenses broken down by team members, number of days, fees per team member according to the level of involvement and number of days required from each.

·       travel, communication (internet, mobile credit) and administrative expenses.

·       any other related costs and required for the proper conduction of the survey.

·       Plan will cover the cost of meeting for presentation and validation of the results.

-                 -  In case of institution paying VAT, you should include it in financial budget

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