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Invitation to eligible companies to drill 1-5 boreholes
 Bid No: SDN 1164, SPR 1067
 City: North Darfur
 Deadline: 24 June 2020

With funding support from the German government (BMZ), Welthungerhilfe (WHH) in partnership withInnovative Relief and Development Solutions (IRDS) is inviting eligibleContracting companies and agencies with sufficient borehole drilling capacity and experience to submit a bid for the following contracts:


  • Lot 1: Construct one (1) borehole at Hashaba in Kutum locality
  • Lot 2: Construct one (1) borehole at Tungolatin Kutum locality
  • Lot 3: Construct one (1) borehole at Korgay in Kutum locality
  • Lot 4: Construct one (1) borehole at Benama in Mellit locality
  • Lot 5:Construct one (1) borehole at Um Hayaya in El Fasher locality


Interested bidders must have the following:

  1. Be able to access the locations in North Darfur and complete the work by 31 July 2020.
  2. Be registered and possess valid drilling permits issued by the Government of Sudan.
  3. Have a qualified technical team able to perform the work to the required technical standards.
  4. Be in possession of drill bits and drilling equipment able to drill a minimum of 12” diameter borehole of up to the depths specified in the attached geophysical study reports and the BoQ.


Capable companies are invited to participate in the tender.Conditions are stated in the tender documents and TOR, to be requested at: or picked up at:


  • Welthungerhilfe Office, Khartoum, Street 25, Al Amarat New Extension, Block 12HE, House 8.


  • Welthungerhilfe Office-No. 53 Block 6, West El Fasher City, El Fasher-North Darfur


Offers to be submitted On or before 2.00 PM on 24 Jun 2020at Welthungerhilfe Khartoum office or El Fasher Office


For further questions contact Welthungerhilfe at

+249 913006534

+249 912 535632

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