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Consultancy Firm Require for CLTs post Triggering Monitoring manual
Relief International


Relief International is a 60-year-old development and humanitarian nonprofit alliance and works with vulnerable communities across Sudan to deliver healthcare, secure access to clean water and food, improve basic hygiene practices, and create employment opportunities. Our teams provide primary healthcare, vaccinations, family planning, and care for expectant and new mothers at 47 locations. We also build local capacity by training national health service providers and conducting community-wide campaigns on disease prevention and healthy practices.

 Bid No: RI-SDN-KRT-021-115
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 01 Sept 2021

ToR preparation of CLTs post – Triggering Monitoring manual


Relief International(RI) is an International humanitarian organization and has been working with the Government of Sudan in Darfur since 2004. RI has offices in North Darfur since 2004 and Blue nile since 2019, working in integrated Health Nutrition and WASH in both the Health facility and community level.

In North Darfur, RI currently implements the BHA ‘Integrated support programming for vulnerable communities in Sudan’ project in Alsayah, Almalha, Elfasher rural and Zamzam camp.  Under this project, in collaboration with MoH, RI has implemented CLTs approaches in Alsayah and Almalha communities since 2019. In year 2021, RI has triggered 20 villages in Alsayah and out of which 12 villages are on the way towards ODF. 92% of the Households in the triggered 20villages have already constructed their own latrines.

Currently RI has an intention to intensify the CLTs post triggering monitoring at these target locations in order to scale-up the CLTs intervention and no slippage occurred in these villages. Communities may be almost ODF or ODF within days or weeks of triggering but the important thing is how to sustain the achievement (no slippage) and scale-up. For this reason, it was found out to be necessary to prepare a post-triggering monitoring manual for formal and informal local community structures and RI staff.

Therefore, the objective of this ToR is to outline the preparation of the post-triggering monitoring manual.



  • Review existing relevant CLTs manuals at National and state level of MoH.
  • Establish phases of post-triggering monitoring, what is being monitored at each phase and who is involving.
  • Post-triggering monitoring methodology, technique and approach, which comprises up to date lessons learnt.
  • Identify the methodologies required to achieve the final goal of improved sanitation.
  • Identify potential formal and informal community structures, which can support or be part of the monitoring process.
  • Identify community groups, which need targeted additional support to achieve the objective.
  • What certifications and verifications to be done and when?
  • Responsibilities of different stakeholder during the post-triggering monitoring, certification and verification.
  • Detail steps/methodology of facilitation for monitoring for example FGDs, review meetings…etc.
  • What indicators of change or milestones to establish and follow
  • Data and information collection/flow.
  • Tips and Recommendations for monitoring and scaling-up.


  • Draft post-triggering manual should be submitted for review and approval before the final version.
  • In consultation with RI, organize a meeting/Workshop with RI and MoH participation for presentation of the draft manual.
  • Final Post triggering manual in English and local language with good illustration and attractive design in both hard and soft copies that incorporates all the comments.

Qualification and experience of Consultant

The consultancy firm should have personnel with Public health, WASH or other relevant qualifications with CLTs hands on experience with more than 10years of relevant experience. Experience with similar assignments is an asset. 


Draft Post-triggering manual should be ready for RI WASH team and MoH review within one month of contract signing. 

Submission of Technical and Financial proposal for the assignment

The consultancy firm should submit Technical and Financial proposal with a sealed envelope for properly accomplishing the assignment. The Financial proposal should include every cost needed for executing the assignment including travel costs, perdiem, accommodation …etc.

Please submit the complete technical proposal on the given address with the below address and bid number.


RI-SDN-KRT-021-115 - Consultancy for Triggering Monitoring manual

Kashif Shafique

Deputy Country Director – Operations

Relief International – Sudan


Amarat Area, St. No’ 3, Building No’ 29, Block 10/A, Khartoum State, 11111, Sudan State.



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