Supply of Sunflower Extraction Equipment
Plan International
 Bid No: INVITATION TO BID # PIS/KRT/ ITB: (028) Sept/2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 23 Sept 2021

All bidders should observe the following conditions:

  • Provide copy of below certificate:
    • Tax Clearance, خلو طرف من الضرائب
    • legal stamp. الدمغة القانونية في حدود تكلفة العطاء
    • Zakat clearance خلو طرف من الزكاة
  • Valid Company or supplier registration document from concerned authority (copy).
  • Price currency should be in Sudanese (SDG)
  • Please indicate on the bids whether you are VAT registered or not. If VAT registered, then please provide VAT number & coy of Certificate or in not please provide exemption letter from authority.
  • All offers must be stamped and signed by the supplier
  • bids must be delivered to Plan International Sudan offices in sealed envelopes/ or through email before the closing date.
  • All bidders must indicate the delivery Period in their offer.
  • All items should conform to the quality required and be properly packed.
  • All suppliers are expected to deliver the purchased items to Plan International Sudan Kassala State Office.
  • Payment will be made after satisfactory delivery of items, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please note that this Invitation To Bid not an order but an invitation to treat.
  • Please indicate prices validity period

Interested companies, and enterprises can obtain tender dossier from Plan International Sudan office during working hours from 08:00 am to 04:00 pm or can download from

Tender envelopes should be sealed in red wax and submitted to Plan International-Sudan Office, located at Building #26, Block#12 Al Amarat  St.#27, Alimtidad East – Khartoum, Sudan, Box: 528 Sudan, Tel: + 249 900934205. Email address:  The deadline for submission of tenders is September 23, 2021 at 04:00 pm.


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