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Professional Polling/Public Opinion Research Services
National Democratic Institute

The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that has supported democratic institutions and practices in every region of the world for more than three decades. NDI works on five continents with political parties, governments, parliaments and civic groups to establish and strengthen democratic institutions and practices. The Institute uses a multinational approach that reinforces the message that while there is no single democratic model, certain core principles are shared by all democracies. That philosophy has been applied in more than 130 countries since NDI’s founding in 1983.



 Bid No: KRT_NDI_2021_015
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 29 July 2021


The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to research and conduct the public opinion poll, in response to Citizens need’s the NDI is implementing a program to strengthen democratic institutions, stakeholders, and processes that will administer transitional elections and lay the foundations for a more peaceful, inclusive, and democratic Sudan.



The current democratic opening in Sudan provides a unique opportunity to support the transition from authoritarianism to democracy and from a chronic state of conflict to peace. There is an urgent need to support the transitional government, political parties, and civil society to work towards a peaceful.

NDI’s approach is to collaborate with local civil society groups and centers on clearly structured partnerships and a commitment to long-term organizational development and assistance to independent, credible observation coalitions also requires that groups can operate without the view that they are influenced by external interests.

NDI’s focused on local ownership principles and developing an inclusive civil society that is not tied to specific international interests. Given that, it is crucial for the observation and advocacy activities conducted under NDI program to be locally developed and led.

  • Improving Electoral and Political Process for Change in Sudan (IEPP) is a four-year program that runs in Sudan through the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS). IEPP aims to:
  • Support the transition from authoritarianism to democracy and from a chronic state of conflict to peace.
  • Support the transitional government, political parties, civil society, and media to work towards a peaceful, genuine, and credible election process at the end of the 39-month transition period.



The purpose of this Request is to invite national prospective service providers/consultancy firms and/or think tanks to submit a proposal and technical specifications for conducting public opinion research in Three (3) states in Eastren Sudan (Kassala, Algdaref and Red sea states. The main objective of the assignment is to conduct polling public opinion research in Citizens aged 18 years or older (women, youth, men, and People with Disabilities/PWDs) to inform CEPPS program and activities on ongoing political reforms. The research will also attempt to capture trend data on important issues including views on several socio-political issues. Both a national survey and focus groups will be conducted under this work.

The Firm will be required to provide technical and field-based services to carry out a national public opinion poll including preparation and presentation of the methodology for sampling and data collection tools. This basic infrastructure will comprise a randomly representative list of respondents who will be invited to participate in the public opinion poll. The polling will be based on a stratified random sample representative of the entire state. The polling shall be done independently. The polling is expected to be carried out by face-to-face interviews. The requested proposal of service providers/firms with the relevant operational and performance requirements. Qualified firms are requested to prepare inception proposalsthat address all tasks as outlined underneath.


For bidding process and more details check the below attached document.

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