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Rehabilitation Measures –Repair,Restoration and Renewal of Main Workshop Building(MWB)
 Bid No: 83385171
 City: El Fasher and El Geneina
 Deadline: 25 July 2021



Project Number: 17.4901.9-005.00


83385171 - Rehabilitation Measures – Repair, Restoration and Renewal of Main Workshop Building (MWB) at Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) in El Fasher and El Geneina



The Deutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is currently implementing its Program “Employment Promotion Darfur for Refugees, IDPs and Host Communities” in El Fasher and El-Geneina, Darfur, Sudan. As part of this program, GIZ intends to award two contracts and is looking for competent and reliable contractors. At two Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) rehabilitation measures of main workshop buildings (MWB) shall be carried out. The fundamental components are electrical installations and maintenance work. The scope of work includes:


  • Provide maintenance (engineering maintenance) services, remedial repair services mainly include works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of the main workshop buildings (MWB) ensuring that the building equipment, components, and systems operate as intended and in compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations and industry’s best practices.
  • Electrical installation services, energy conservation, fire/life safety services, to ensure that all systems function as designed to maintain system reliability and save energy.
  1. Pre-commissioning test of the system
  2. Performance and functional test of the system before initial hand over.
  • A PROVISION IN THE EVENT OF UNFORESEEN CONDITIONS: The contractor is required to exercise due diligence to discover reasonably unforeseeable physical conditions and defects uncovered such as rot, decay, damaged plumbing, outdated or obsolete electrical systems, and hazardous materials.
  • Construction of new bathroom for people with disabilities.


The tender procedure, from invitation to tender until signing of contract, is expected to take place between July and August 2021. The services of companies that are involved with Engineering Rehabilitation measures is expected to be performed and completed within 5 months after signing of contracts.

Interested companies have the options to apply for one lot or both lots:

  1. Lot 1 - El Fasher
  2. Lot 2 - El Geneina


To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested companies are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment.


  1. Official letter expressing interest in the tender clearly indicating the lot you intend to bid for.
  2. Company details including full company name, full address, phone, and email.
  3. Copy of company registration certificate.
  4. Copy of Registration certificate from Sudanese contractor's association.
  5. Copy of Registration certificate from organizing Council for Engineering works Contractors.
  6. VAT (Value Added Tax) registration certificate.
  7. Tax certificate from the tax chamber
  8. Company profile including year of foundation, ownership, legal form, structure of the company and number of employees (permanent / temporary, in total) and number of professional staff qualified to perform the works, each for the last three (3) years, and short CVs for the key staff. Required permanent staff for the project:
    1. 1 Team Leader/ Project Manager: Bachelor’s degree (preferable in civil engineering) with extensive experience in management of construction projects), (15+ years professional experience overall in charge of projects)
    2. 1 Electrical Engineer: at least Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering; 10+ years professional experience in electrical installation in construction and calculation of power demand, testing and commission, overall, in charge of electrical installation testing and commissioning,
    3. 1 Site Supervisor: TVET Graduate, 3+ years professional and practical experience in civil works or alternatively graduate of a Technical Secondary School 5+ additional years professional and practical experience in civil works
  9. Minimum of 3 (Three) reference projects of similar complexity (School, Hospital, Commercial etc.) implemented in the last 5 years as Main Contractor, certificates of achievement should be provided.  
  10. Annual total turnover for each of the last three (3) years. A minimum turnover of 100,000.00 Euro per lot and Year or equivalent in50,691,020 SDG or 121,420.00 USD is required. Acceptable evidence are bank statements or stamped and sealed audited financial statement. If you intend to bid for both Lots (1&2) your company annual total turnover for each of the last three (3) years must be minimum of 200,000.00 Euros per year or equivalent in SDG 101,382,040 or USD242,840.00.Acceptable evidence are bank statements or stamped and sealed audited financial statement
  11. GIZ will require to visit your facilities for interview to verify evidence of ownership of equipment and machinery necessary to execute the works or evidence of possibility to hire the same (Concrete mixer, Vibrators, plate compactors, scaffoldings, truck, props-jacks, portable water tanks, mobile workshops, safety equipment's and electrical installations testers (clamp meter, earth tester, isolation tester, megger insulation resistance tester)).
  12. For Lot 2 - El Geneina only: considering the recent security situation, the applicant must be based or has a branch office in the city since 2018 or longer.


A consortium of two companies might be accepted as eligible if each company fulfill the requirements, except the points 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11. Points 4, 5, 8 (staff),10 and 11 must be fulfilled jointly. The points 1, 6, 7, 9 and 12 must be fulfilled by the senior partner of the consortium. The senior partner will be GIZ contract partner and therefore responsible to fulfill all contractual obligations and responsibilities against GIZ. If a consortium applies, a consortium memorandum notarized by the Registrar of Companies combined with the newest Form of C7 must be submitted clearly describing the roles, obligations, and responsibilities of each partner.


The contract for proposed service will be issued in United States Dollars (USD) hence payments will be via bank transfer to successful company’s nominated accounts held in company’ name account details. There will be no payments or transfer to third-party/related company hence it is your company responsibility you have all required foreign currency bank information in line with financial regulation in the country.


The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ Country Office Khartoum or Employment Promotion DarfurProject Office El Fasher on or before 25.07.2021by 16.00at the latest in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to


GIZ Country Office Amarat Street 3, House No. 28, Block

 No. 10A Amarat Town, Khartoum East





GIZ Employment Promotion Darfur Project Office House no. 628, Block M/7/B, Daraga Ola neighborhood, Close to UNDP office, West El Fasher, El FasherCity,North Darfur, Sudan


The back of the sealed envelope must be clearly marked as follows:


“83385171 - Expression of Interest for Rehabilitation Measures –at Technical Secondary


Schools (TSS) in ,select one of the following options

Lot 1 -  ElFasher


Lot 2 -  ElGeneina


” Lot 1 El Fasher and Lot 2 El Geneina”


You need to clearly indicate the Lot that you intend bid for at the back of your envelope otherwise your bid may not be considered.


All documents must be submitted in English language.For official document in Arabic Language, translated copies must be submitted duly signed by Director or Legal representative of the company.


Please do not send technical or price offers, or other documents which are not requested. Kindly note that the complete tender documents will be sent to all companies that will be assessed as eligible by GIZ according to the criteria as specified above.


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