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Request for proposal for selection of a company|organization for development of sexual and reproductive health’s Mobile Application.
Sudan Family Planning Association
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 04 July 2021

Request for proposal for selection of a company/organization for development of sexual and reproductive health’s Mobile Application.

Sudan family planning association is Non-Governmental Organization providing quality integrated sexual and reproductive health and rights information, products and services. It was established in 1965 by pioneers in obstetrics and gynecology in response to increases in maternal, neonatal and infant mortality and morbidity.

 A major priority for the association is to reach vulnerable and hard to reach population, adolescents, youth, people living with HIV, people living with disability, people living in poverty, in order to reach those groups and to leave no one behind, SFPA needs a dedicated Mobile application which will serve as a tool to reach different areas, social classes and various special groups to help increasing community awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights and to generate demand for services.


Interested companies/organizations may submit applications on or before 4 July 2021, by sending documents to



  1. Introduction


  1. Background
    1. Sexual & reproductive health’s mobile application is one of the components of Telemedicine project which works as an innovative intervention to help reach different population’s categories.
    2. Sudan family planning association (SFPA) would like to develop mobile application on popular mobile platforms such as Android and IOS to facilitate easy and navigation based access to the registered.
    3. SFPA expects to reach a large number of the population who have smart phone with internet connection, most of them are women at reproductive age and youth of both genders.
    4. SFPA expects to connect the different parts of the telemedicine projects with each other’s, in order to have one report and one plan, namely: The Reproductive Health Call center, Reproductive health Mobile application and the upcoming ERP platform.


  1. Request for Proposal
    1. SFPA wishes to appoint a company/organization for development of mobile application in the 2 platforms namely, Android and IOS.
    2. The proposal would be evaluated on the basis of the evaluation criteria set which includes:
  • Quality of services offered
  • Proposal that achieve goals and objectives
  • Reasonable cost (value for money)


  1. General instructions
    1. The language of the mobile application will be both Arabic and English language.
    2. Site(s)/Location(s): Mobile App: 18 states (urban and rural areas which have access to internet)
    3. Beneficiaries : Mobile App: 6.221.700 million women

                         1.500.000 million adolescent and youth (including girls & boys)             

  1. The company/organization will be responsible for all the costs associated with development & design of mobile application software for client and health care provider usage, Google/play store upload and configuration and training of the key project’s staff.
  2. The implementation period will be one month, started from date of selection.
  3. The company/organization will not be responsible for development of the contents, namely the counseling videos.


2. Terms of Reference

   2.1 Overall goal

SFPA will use a smartphone application to provide remote sexual and reproductive health information and selected services. The application will be designed to capture and enable the use of a range of data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal statistics like age and weight. SFPA service providers, and other identified staff will use the application to offer SRH information, Sexuality Education, and Selected SRH services.

 2.2 Sections

    Section one: Information

This is will be an offline free service (which means the client doesn’t need to have an internet connection to read the content)

It will offer evidence based information covering all reproductive health issues, which includes:

  1. Antenatal care
  2. Post natal care
  3. Family planning
  4. Post abortion care
  5. Cervical cancer
  6. Breast cancer
  7. Sexually transmitted infections
  8. Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  9. Mother to child transmission of HIV
  10. Gender based violence (sexual and physical violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation)
  11. Obstetrics issues


    Section two: Counseling videos

     Number of videos will be 15 videos +/- another 3 videos.

     It will be either drama, info graphic or animation videos.

    Each one will be 1 to 2 minutes according to the topic.

    Videos will be translated to sign language in order to engage people living with disability (PLWD).

     The video can be downloaded with preservation of knowing how many times the video accessed and by how many clients.

  • Topics:
  1. Family planning (general counseling)
  2. Pre abortion counseling
  3. Post abortion care, focusing on Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA)
  4. Root causes of maternal mortality (3 delays)
  5. Positive messages during antenatal care
  6. Danger signs during pregnancy
  7. Sexually transmitted infections (signs, symptoms (red flags) and prevention)
  8. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (mode of transmission & prevention)
  9. Prevention of mother to child transmission
  10. Breast cancer (signs and importance of early diagnosis)
  11. Cervical cancer (signs and importance of early diagnosis)
  12. Pre conception care
  13. Mental health (postpartum depression, psychosis)
  14. Gender based violence(definition& what to do)
  15. Reproductive health rights


Section three: Tools

An Online interactive tool that helps client to take decisions.

The tool consists of questions and answers, the software will already have the correct decisions with different scenarios, then can give the client what suitable for him/her.

Those tools should be connected to SFPA’s online shop.


  • Family Planning tool
  • Antenatal care tool
  • Prevention of unsafe abortion tool
  • Sexually transmitted infections prevention tool
  • Ovulation calculator/period tool
  • Mental health tool
  • Cervical cancer tool 


Section four: Chat box

Messages from clients will be answered by one of the health care providers during work hours (from 8 am to 4 pm Sunday to Thursday).

Messages out of the work hours will be answered by automated reply.

There should be a chatbot function.


Section five: Live communication

Care providers will interact with clients through video calls.

Service will be provided in certain days and certain hours.

Schedule with the available time will be displayed to clients.

The service will be by booking appointment.

This paid service, and the application should have this feature of payment, registering and recording of fees.

Payment options will be discussed with banks and companies offering these services.


Section six: Frequently asked questions

Inquiries from communication with clients will be gathered and consolidated in questions and answers.


  1. Specific features
  1. To upload photos, lab results and ultrasound reports.
  2. To register client file.
  3. To develop regular reports.
  4. Dashboard features.
  5. Have the ability to conduct periodic surveys.
  6. Flexibility to change and update content.
  7. To have connection with the SFPA’s online shop.
  8. To have connection with other SFPA’s technological platforms (namely the call center and ERP), and have the ability to share and consolidate data from those platforms.
  9. To enable users to use the Net Promoter Score to measure the likelihood of recommending SFPA’s services through this application.


  1. Monitoring & Evaluation Indicators
  1. General mobile App KPIs:
  1. Mobile downloads: NO of downloads over a given period
  2. Growth rate
  1. User engagement KPIs:
  1. Retention rate: NO of those who return to your APP after a specific perios ( how long does it take for a person to come back)
  2. Sessions (APP open rate): how many times someone opened the App and indicate its popularity
  3. Daily active users: is a person who created an account and logged in for any interaction
  4. Churn rate: the rate of which people unsubscribe or uninstall the App.
  1. Revenue KPIs:
  1. Average revenue per user
  2. Customer acquisition cost
  3. Customer lifetime value
  4. Return on investment
  1. Users experience KPIs:
  1. Load time
  2. Devices
  3. Operating system
  1. Mobile App marketing KPIs:
  1. Install source
  2. Channel breakdown
  3. Geometrics
  4. Demographics
  1. App category ranking:
  1. Keywords
  2. Ratings
  3. Reviews
  1. Specific reproductive health service indicators


2.5 Technical and functional headlines specification

To be more cost-effective, the development of the application should be done using a technology more suitable for this type of application. According to the latest IT development environment.

  • Open source
  • Significant domain name
  • Server hosting able to manage highest flow of access to the app
  • Acceptable and reasonable load-time of the sections
  • Adaptation/responsiveness of the App. on devices ranging from widescreen to smaller tablet and mobile phone screens.
  • Security best practices of the platform appliances – High level security access to client space;
  • Application must be a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software.
  • The App. with a refined visual look with its functionalities to better ease of use.
  • Search engine of articles/sections in specific criteria related to SRHR topic
  • Consistent visual back-end by introducing dynamic styles in the admin console to ensure consistency of fonts, formatting, icons, images and layout techniques.
  • Adapt the database of the App. to include new categories to display the information in an organic way.
  • Backbone dashboards including all sexual & reproductive health indicators.
  • Handover of full source code including all developed libraries.
  • Design of the graphic model and the architecture of the App.
  • Content specification for each section by considering lightweight data to avoid any critical bandwidth loading issues regarding response time.


3. Application Requirements

 Requirements the company/organization needs to upload in order to be shortlisted include the following:

  1. Implementation methodology
  2. Financial offer (please include server hosting in a separate sheet).



This tender is open for both national & international companies.


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