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Reimbursable Loan Agreement to Review and Update for Darfur Development Strategy 2013-2019
 Bid No: 51960
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 17 Dec 2019

Overview :

Bid Bulletin No. (1)

Please take note of the attached Bid Bulletin No. (1) with UNDP responses to Bidders queries. Kindly note that proposal submission deadline is extended till 17th December 2018.

UNDP Procurement Team.



Levels of conflict in Darfur are at a relatively low level. The Government of Sudan has implemented a new political dispensation following a Referendum in 2016 that establishes five states as the basic administrative structure in Darfur. The Darfur Regional Authority was dissolved and then later the six commissions were re-established reporting to the Ministry of Federal Governance. �The international community, which has traditionally focused attention on providing humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the conflict, is increasingly focused on a more holistic development approach in line with Grand Bargain / New Way of Working commitments and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. However, the situation in Darfur remains fragile. There is a need to consolidate peace, address the causes of conflict, and achieve development.

  • The UNAMID peacekeeping force in Darfur is being systematically drawn down. This creates a need for both international and Government resources to be mobilised to ensure that stability in Darfur is maintained. The macro-economic situation in Sudan also continues to present challenges to economic growth and development. In addition, a number of armed groups remain outside the peace agreement and political settlement – creating potential for both military and political disruption that could undermine development efforts in Darfur.
  • There is an agreed framework to guide development efforts in Darfur.� This framework includes: support for the UNAMID peacekeeping efforts; support for the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) and its associated Darfur Development Strategy (DDS); the Implementation Follow-up Committee (which recently met in July 2018); AUHIP-led peace process; and the financing structure for development in Darfur provided by the United Nations’ managed Darfur Development Trust Fund.
  • Despite this framework, limited progress has been made on achieving a sustainable peace, or long-term development. The majority of international assistance into Darfur continues to be dominated by humanitarian approaches; development assistance remains limited and is poorly coordinated and does not align with or support the Darfur Development Strategy; the DDPD has only been partially implemented and critical elements of the approach (including the six Commissions established to address some of the structural drivers of protracted crisis in Darfur) have not progressed. Few of the objectives of the Darfur Development Strategy have been achieved, and few in the international community have allocated development resources in support of the DDS through the established Trust Fund. Only a fraction of the $7.2 billion costing of the current strategy has been allocated – the revised document will need to prioritise and sequence limited available resources. The AUHIP peace process so far failed to deliver a sustainable peace agreement – with the risk of renewed conflict.
  • There is an urgent need for the international community – working in partnership with the Government of Sudan and other partners to the peace process – to review all elements of the peace and development architecture in Darfur.
  • An experienced consultant is therefore sought to undertake the review process and to take lead responsibility for the objectives and deliverables, working with the Darfur Development Review Steering Committee and Darfur Development Review Technical Working Groups as outlined below.
  • Please see full details of the Darfur Development Review as outlined in the concept note at Annex A.

    With the above background in mind, UNDP Sudan is seeking an institution to provide 8 different consultants under the Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) in accordance with 8 Terms of Reference (ToRs) that are part of this solicitation document for this assignment. Interested entities must be able to offer 8 consultants, 4 Internationals and 4 Nationals from Sudan, in their offer. The selected entity must be able to deploy the proposed 8 consultants for the assignment in conformity with the contract commence date and in accordance with the in-country or home-based split of the assignment.

    UNDP is looking for the following experts as per the attached Terms of References (TORs):

  • Lead Consultant, International Expert
  • Lead Consultant, National Expert
  • Pillar Consultant, International Expert (Pillar I: Governance, Justice and Reconciliation)
  • Pillar Consultant, National Expert, (Pillar I: Governance, Justice and Reconciliation)
  • Pillar Consultant, International Expert (Pillar II: Reconstruction)
  • Pillar Consultant, National Expert (Pillar II: Reconstruction)
  • Pillar Consultant, International Expert (Pillar III: Economic Recovery)
  • Pillar Consultant, International Expert (Pillar III: Economic Recovery)
  • Objectives and Scope of the assignment:

  • The objective of the Darfur Development Review will be a comprehensive review of all elements of the peace and development architecture in Darfur. The objectives of the Review are twofold:
  • Determine the utility of the existing structures in delivering sustained peace and development; make recommendations to the international community and Government on proposed changes to the structures to improve their effectiveness;
  • Encourage renewed commitments through a revised reprioritised strategy and architecture in support of sustainable peace and development in Darfur.
  • The entities or institutions offering their proposals should pay heed to the details of the TOR as to the qualifications, experience and skills sets required by each TOR as well as the number of days in-country assignment, number of days from home assignment etc. as they will have bearing in the consultancy fee. The solicitation document consist of 8 ToRs, 8 Offerors Letters for bidders to offer the detailed price proposal for each consultant and the summary of Financial Proposal in excel matrix to offer the overall price proposal including the overhead cost of the institution.�Please refer to the atached TORs for the requested consultants/experts.

    It is the responsibility of the instution (or entity) signing RLA with UNDP Sudan to ensure that milestones are delivered within agreed timeline, and that they meet the stipulated quality standards. Supervision of consultants' output, monitoring and providing the feedback as well as making the payment to the consultants is the responsibility of the RLA holder. UNDP may facilitate the payment of DSA for the in-country mission/assignment, if the need be so.

    Important Note:

  • In case at least 1 institution from among the bidding institutions whose offers have been received fails to offer entire 8 consultants, UNDP holds the rights at its own discretion to pick consultants from this bidding exercise under IC modality. Offer is considered complied only when all the 8 consultants are proposed – offer for less than 8 consultant disqualifies for the RLA (Reimbursable Loan Agreement);
  • It is strongly advisable that International bidding institutions to also look for National Consultants from Sudan to complete the team comprising national and international consultants; and vice-versa for the National bidding institutions to look for the international consultants to complete the team.
  • ����� ��� RLA Proposals and Price Offer shall be submitted through:

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