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TOR For an independent Legal Advisor for CRS/Sudan
Catholic Relief Services

We work with organizations around the world to help poor and vulnerable people overcome emergencies, earn a living through agriculture and access affordable health care.



 Bid No: CRS 19.2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 29 April 2021

Terms of Reference

For an independent Legal Advisor for CRS/Sudan

       Closing Date: 29th April,202

Catholic Relief Services Sudan is one of  the largest country programs of Catholic Relief Services, the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States, working to alleviate human suffering and foster human development in Sudan since 1962. Its program activities include water and sanitation; emergency preparedness and recovery; agriculture and livelihoods; microfinance and health. CRS/Sudan currently has area offices in West, Central, and East Darfur (Al Geneina, Zalengei, and Al Daeen), along with sub-field offices, and Red Sea (Port Sudan) serving the poor and the disadvantaged in these regions based solely on need, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

CRS Sudan is looking for a Legal Advisor who will handle all legal matters of its head office in Khartoum and its field offices in Darfur and Red Sea. 

The scope of the legal services provided by the Legal Advisor will entail:

  • Advises CRS Sudan on specific legal issues brought by CRS; (in writing, and orally), draw up contracts and other legal documents as required by CRS Sudan.
  • Represents CRS Sudan before all courts in the country and administrative bodies, handle all disputes and follow up issues to the end.
  • Shall provide sound, solid and reliable legal advice according to the laws of Sudan and in the best interests of CRS Sudan.
  • Gives legal opinion on various issues concerning HR policies and their applications in
    accordance with the country's labor law. He/she has to study CRS/Sudan current HR Policy and give confirmation in writing as to its conformation with the current Sudanese Labor Law.
  • Is expected to visit CRS Sudan office whenever there is a need to provide advice, clarifications related to personnel, taxation, and proclamations or any other legal matters which affect CRS Sudan.
  • Shall submit quarterly reports on the status of all legal matters and the legal advices
    provided, and such reports shall be submitted during the first ten days of every quarter.


The Legal Advisor should fulfill the following criteria:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s in Law and Jurisprudence from a recognized university in Sudan.
  • A minimum of 5 years progressive experience as Legal Advisor for various institutions,
    experience working with International Non-Government Organizations operating in
    Sudan is preferred.
  • Extensive and sound knowledge of the Sudanese Labor law and the Sudanese legal context and its applications for various personnel related Issue
  • Knowledge on policies and regulations of all relevant NGO legislation and government procedures in Sudan.
  • Knowledge on policies and regulations as they relate to the Sudanese Humanitarian Affairs Committees (HAC).
  • Renewed professional and business/trade licenses
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number

General conditions

  • The Legal Advisor shall keep confidential any and all information or data which he/she
    acquires as a result of his/her performance of the services and he/she shall agree not
    disclose information pertaining to services, methods, processes, and operating procedures to others without the prior approval of CRS Sudan. The Legal Advisor shall not use any information or data acquired as a result of the agreement to be made for any other purpose than to perform the service.
  • The Legal Advisor shall be solely liable for claims by third parties arising from Legal Advisor's own negligent acts or omissions in the course of performing the agreement, and under no circumstances shall CRS be held liable for such claims by third parties.
  • The Legal Advisor will be acting as independent consultant in performing his services and CRS Sudan shall not pay any compensation, insurance, or any other benefit, except the monthly payment to be agreed upon after the bid process is completed.

The Legal Advisor will be hired on a retainer basis for a period of 3 years and his/her agreement will be renewed every year depending on performance of the previous year.

A. How to submit proposal

                           1.   Please contact our Human Resource Department if you need further clarification.

                           2.   The proposal should be in two separately sealed envelopes:
2.1 Technical Proposal:

                                       2.1.1 Information on your company:

  1. Company profile, date of establishment
  2. List of at least 3-5 of your main clients where you are engaged with in
    legal service activities (references may be requested later on)
  3. Other information that you believe is important

2.1.2 Proposed Services of CRS

  1. Minimum qualifications and experience of the law professional
  2. Expression of possibility for quick support from your company's head
    office (on when-needed emergency basis)
  3. Other information that you believe is important for your proposal.

2.2 Financial Proposal

2.2.1 Service Fee

a.   Monthly service fee


2.2.2 Financial Documents

  1. Copies of licenses (professional and business licenses) issued by the respective Sudanese government body
  2. Copies of tax registration (TIN, VAT registration number) in Sudan

Your proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Proposal for CRS Sudan for Legal Service" and addressed to the Head of Operations no later than Thursday April 29, 2021. Proposals may also be submitted online through

Physical Address:         Catholic Relief Services Sudan

House 393, Block 23 Al Nakheel  Road,

P.O. Box 99, Khartoum, Sudan


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