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RI-SDN-KRT-021-033 Hygiene Kits
Relief International


Relief International is a 60-year-old development and humanitarian nonprofit alliance and works with vulnerable communities across Sudan to deliver healthcare, secure access to clean water and food, improve basic hygiene practices, and create employment opportunities. Our teams provide primary healthcare, vaccinations, family planning, and care for expectant and new mothers at 47 locations. We also build local capacity by training national health service providers and conducting community-wide campaigns on disease prevention and healthy practices.

 Bid No: RI-SDN-KRT-021-033 Hygiene Kits
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 28 March 2021

S.No Description of Goods / Services
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Unit / Form Quantity required 
1 Multi-purpose original bar Soap with good quality (250 Gram) 12 Pcs Pack Total 2200 Kits

900 Kits - North Darfur (el-Fasher)

1300 Kits - Blue Nile (el-Damazine)
2 Dettol Original Bar Soap (125 Gram) 12 Pcs Pack
3 Bucket with lid and handle(100 Litters)  1 Piece
4 Jerry Cane Plastic (20 Litters) with Lid  1 Piece
5 Latrine Mug for hand washing - Plastic 1 Piece
6 Football Jumbo Basin 1 Piece
7 Toothbrush Adult -  2 Piece
8 Tooth brush children 3Pieces
9 Toothpaste Adult-Non-floride - Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste, Great Regular Flavor - 6 oz---50ml  2 Pieces
10 Tooth paste children-Non-floride-Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste, Great Regular Flavor - 6 oz---50ml  3 Pieces
11 100% Cotton Brief Women Panties, 2 Pcs Pack (L, and XL Sizes) 2 Pcs Pack
12 Reusable Women Sanitary cloth- made from Soft, light brown or grey multipurpose cloth made from 100% cotton with a size of ca.
1 m x 1.5 m, fabric weight of 170-180 g/m2, wrap of minimum 21 threads per cm, a weft of 18.5 threads per cm.
3 Pcs Pack
13 Transportation and Loading/unloading cost to El-Fasher (North Darfur) 1 900 Kits
14 Transportation and Loading/unloading cost to Ad- Damazine (Blue Nile) 1 1300 Kits



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