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Security Services in Khartoum & Darfur states
Catholic Relief Services

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 Bid No: CRS 13.2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 11 March 2021





CRS Sudan invites competent and qualified security companies to submit their bids for the following.



Category Reference

Ref: No. CRS-Sudan-Bid 13.2021


Security Services in Khartoum & Darfur states

3rd  March  2021


Offers submission closing date: 10th March 2021.


CRS seeks to minimize the risk of harm to all staff & partners through the implementation of comprehensive security procedures. CRS also seeks to protect material resources (commodities, equipment and buildings).

Specifications for goods/Services required

Contractors are required to be guided by the Scope of work attached with all specifications to ensure that each location is secured up to the required standard.

Bidding process

This is a competitive bidding process and prospective bidders are required to make individual bids for the provision of this service which individually relates to their capacity to deliver the required service.


Only qualified & licensed security service companies are invited to bid.


Service is based on 24X7 days, 2 guards per location. Shifts are 8 hours per guard but can be extended as per operational requirements up to maximum 12 hours per guard. 


 Contractor must submit signed timesheet for each location including signature of supervisor and CRS official staff. Specific forms will be attached to the service contract.



Performance Monitoring

CRS will make regular assessments of the general quality of the Services.  CRS’ has the right to monitor, regardless of whether exercised, does not relieve Contractor of its obligations under Contract.CRS has the right to nominate certain individuals to be part of the selected company employment and to work in locations to be agreed upon between the two parties.

Past performance

Bidders are expected to show evidence through references of their ability to execute this service by listing their experience and past performance of conducting similar or related works in Sudan. CRS may reach out to the referenced companies as part of awarding process and any falsification of information may lead to disqualification of bids.


All bids for this work are to be made in SDG & USD separately and broken down according to Scope of work for each location in attached documents.


Delivery date

 Selected company / companies will be required to commence full service in respective locations on 1st April 2021.

Payment process

CRS will agree on this with the successful bidders and will be included in the final contract that will be signed between CRS and successful bidder.

Submission of bids

 All bids for this service are to be submitted to the addresses stated below as hard copies sealed in envelopes and clearly stated “Security Services in Khartoum & Darfur”  and / or as electronic copies through the email address

  • CRS office Khartoum, Eltayef, Block 23, House 393.

Closing Date & Time:

All bids through email or sealed envelopes must be delivered before.

04;00 pm, 10th March 2021.


Incase further clarification of the RFP document please send your full enquiry to

Bidiing & Administration costs

All bidders are required to state separately administration costs by category and duration. A clear breakdown of offer is required to show percentage of individual guard monthly net salary guided by below table:





Amount in USD

Amount is SDG


Total payment to security company





Net Salary to individual Guard 





Management & supervision Cost















Company Markup 







Supply Chain

CRS- Sudan Program



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