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Catholic Relief Services

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 Bid No: CRS-Sudan 06/2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 15 Feb 2021





Catholic Relief Services (CRS), an International relief and development agency, committed to the alleviation of human suffering, the development of people and the fostering of charity and justice in the world irrespective of race, creed, or nationality,


CRS Sudan, invites competent and qualified companies to submit their bids for the following.



Category Reference

Ref: No. CRS-Sudan-BU-RFGS-74344






10 January, 2021


Bid closing Date is on 10th Feb. 2021


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) SUDAN is seeking proposal to contract the services of an experienced and reputable Medical Insurance Service Providers in Sudan to provide for medical insurance cover to its Staff and their dependents.


Objective of the Cover

The primary objective of the cover is to provide a comprehensive in-patient, out-patient and Pandemic i.e. COVID 19, routine/wellness annual checkup medical cover for the CRS staff and their immediate dependents, i.e. spouses and their children in Sudan.


1.   Terms of Reference (ToR) of Proposal



The provider is expected to provide efficient and effective medical services for CRS national staff and their immediate dependents. It should be a service that is easily available and accessible to CRS staff as and when required. The number of CRS staff and their immediate dependents to be covered may change from time to time.


The following should be NOTED:

The current total population is currently ( approx.) 180 CRS staff with 600 dependents


The Health Insurance Provider is expected to have a country wide network that can enable CRS staff and their immediate dependents access medical services as and when the need arises. Where such facilities registered by the Health Insurance Provider cannot be accessed, the Health Insurance Provider should be able to:


  1. Meet/reimburse the cost of treatment of staff and their dependents and/or
  2. Liaise with the local medical institutions and private doctors to offer the needed service/s.
  3. Be accessible over the phone to consult with incase one gets challenge accessing services


2.   Content of Proposal


  1. Technical and Professional Capacity

The technical component of the proposal should be concisely presented and structured in the following manner:

  1. A brief description of your company with an outline of your experience in provided similar services
  2. Evidence of your company’s substantive reliability and financial and managerial capacity to provide the services.  Include your current banker(s) address(s).
  3. Proof that the company is authorised to perform the medical insurance services required in the tender under Sudan laws.
  4. Evidence of professional idemnity insurance.
  5. Detailed scope of the medical cover you propose to provide (as per the format provided below)
  6. Details of any exclusions to the cover.
  7. List and locations of your current health providers net work (e.g. hospitals, clinics, specialists pharmacies etc) inside and out side Sudan.
  8. A list and contacts of your clients receiving similar services from your company.
  9. Proposed supervisory team engaged with this assignment - CVs, profiles and role of each member and expected communication protocols
  10. Rapid Response Capability - detailed and credible description of your company’s ability to respond to emergency call(s).
  11. Sample service level agreement - member identification and access procedures, claims reimbursement procedures, member enrollment and separations procedures, expected reports – reports will be sent to CRS and how frequently and customer care and related support


  1. Cost of providing Medical Health Insurance services         


Below are prices for each plan CRS is willing to pay while expects service provider to offer its proposed prices for each plan:


The provider is expected to separate price component and must contain a quotation in     Sudanese pounds only for all the services to be provided.  Price component shall     be submitted in a table format indicated below.  Please follow the below mentioned format :-           





Plan 1

Package Name

Plan 2

Package Name

Plan 3

Package Name

Annual benefit package

Annual benefit package

Annual benefit package

Out-patient medical service – cover expected to include:

Consultation including specialists’ fees, minor surgical procedures, physiotherapy, immunizations and vaccines, laboratory and radiology services, circumcision procedures, pre-existing chronic conditions including HIV, diagnostic consultation, Pandemic diseases including  COVID19


In-Patient Medical Services: cover expected to include:

General in-patient service, specialists fees, medical services for pre-existing chronic including HIV, medical service for congenital conditions, prescription drugs, lodger fees, doctor’s fees, dressings, nursing procedures, surgical services. Costs of ICU/ HDU, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, gynecological treatment, Pandemic diseases including  COVID 19, psychiatric treatment post hospitalization visits/follow-ups, local road and air evacuation in case of transfers within Sudan. 


Road and Air evacuation

The details of the covers shall be provided by the service provider and shall form part of the scope envisaged.

Part of inpatient and outpatient cover

Part of inpatient and outpatient cover

Part of inpatient and inpatient    cover


Prenatal, postnatal, pregnancy-related complication and delivery including C-section



Consultation fees, fillings, extractions, X-rays and prophylactic work



Frames, lenses, testing, consultation fees


Annual physical




Gym subscription





C: Additional Information

  1.  Definition of dependents included in the cover
  2. Any outpatient or inpatient services with a sub limit
  3. Services that may apply to principal member but not to dependents (if applicable)
  4. Detailed list of any exclusions to the cover
  5. Age limits of members (principal, spouse, children)
  6. Limits of the number of dependents if applicable – e.g. # of spouses, # of children allowed
  7. Waiting period if applicable
  8. The limits on the proposal should clearly indicate whether the limits are per individual members or the cover is based on a total family cover



Evaluation of Proposals


The proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


  1. Specifics of the proposed cover
  2. The company’s capacity - profile, managerial and financial capacity
  3. Your company’s ability and capacity to respond to emergencies
  4. Please attach evidence of your company registration/licence(s) and professional risk indemnity insurance


CRS follows its own Staff Health and Safety Guidelines which serves as general principles in selection of the proposals and is not bound to select any of the companies from the submitted proposals. 



Bidding process

  • This is a competitive bidding process and prospective bidders are required to make individual bids for the provision of this service which individually relates to their capacity to deliver the required service.


  • All companies based and registered in Sudan are eligible to bid for the provision of the required service in Sudan. All bidders are expected to attach a copy of their company registration certificates as evidence of being a bonafide company in Sudan. Bidders are not allowed to subcontract this work to another company.

Past performance

  • Bidders are expected to show evidence through references of their ability to execute this task by listing their experience and past performance of conducting similar or related works in Sudan. CRS may reach out to the referenced companies as part of awarding process and any falsification of information may lead to disqualification of bids.


  • All bids for this work are to be made in SDG & USD  separately  and broken down according to bill of quantities attached.


Payment process

  • CRS will agree on this with the successful bidders and will be included in the final contract that will be signed between CRS and successful bidder.

Submission of bids

  •  All bids for this Services are to be submitted to the addresses stated below RFP as hard copies sealed in envelopes and clearly stated “MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE SERVICES for CRS Sudan and as  electronic copies through the email address
  • CRS office Khartoum, Eltayef, Block 23, House 393.

Closing Date & Time:

  • All bids through email or sealed envelopes must be delivered before.
  • 04:00 pm, 15th   Feb. 2021.


Incase further clarification of the RFP document please send your full enquiry to

Amar Hussein with telephone number +249912961666.

Monitoring of project

CRS will monitor the provision of the Services to ensure that all demands are being met, and the monitoring reports will be used for processing payments for the successful bidders.



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