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 Bid No: CRS-Sudan 01/2021
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 14 Jan 2021


Bid Form 001



Construction of Haffirs in Central Darfur.


Dear Sir/Madam


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Sudan, under the Resilience Approaches for Integrated Development in Darfur (RAID) project, is seeking qualified and competent construction company to undertake the construction of 4 Haffir dams in the Mukiar and Um Dhukan localities in Central Darfur, Sudan.


The Resilience Approaches for Integrated Development (RAID) in Darfur is a 36-month project that aims to sustainably increase the food security and nutrition of 20,212 rural returnees and host households (HHs) in 15 selected villages of Mukiar and Um Dukhan of Central Darfur. To achieve these objectives CRS aims to increase year-round access to water in identified communities


In response, CRS would like to request interested company/s to send or forward the following administrative and technical pre-qualification documents that will allow us to shortlist suitable companies. Selected companies will be invited to submit a financial proposal through a closed bidding process at a later date in the near future.


Companies or organizations should indicate their interest in submitting a proposal by sending an email indicating their intention to The Supply Chain Manager, Catholic Relief Services, Sudan Country Program,  who will supply the REOI information by return. REOI documents may also be collected at the offices of :

Catholic Relief Services, Eltayef, Block 22, House 252, Khartoum, Sudan or

CRS office Central Darfur – Zalingei.


This Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) does not obligate CRS to execute a contract nor does it commit CRS to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposals. Furthermore, CRS reserves the right to reject any, and all offers, if such action is in the best interest of CRS.




Supply Chain

CRS – Sudan Program






CRS is implementing of the 36-month project, Resilience Approaches for Integrated Development (RAID), in 2 localities (Mukiar and Um Dhukar) of Central Darfur. During this period, the project aims to sustainably increase the food security and nutrition of 20,212 rural returnees and host households (HHs) in 15 selected villages of Mukiar and Um Dukhan of Central Darfur. To achieve these objectives increasing access to water year-round is a key activity.  In this regard, CRS will hire registered and licensed contractors to construct 4 Haffir dams, supported by CRS, in the Mukiar and Um Dukhan localities.


This document describes the expression of interest process, the documents to be submitted for prequalification, and the requirements to be met to by companies to ensure eligibility and compliance.


Offer Deadline

The deadline for receiving proposals is Thursday, 14th January 2021, by 11:00 a.m. Bidders shall submit their proposals electronically by email to: or in the designated tender boxes at the offices of Catholic Relief Services:

 Eltayef, Block 22, House 252, Khartoum, Sudan, &

CRS office Central Darfur – Zalingei.


Interest parties are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein. Late offers will not be considered by CRS.



CRS will hire registered and licensed contractors with the credentials, experience, and capacity to construct 4 Haffir dams in the Mukiar and Um Dukhan localities. Companies or organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit, must be legally able to conduct business in Sudan and comply with specifications/technical requirements, capacity to supply the services as required, infrastructural capacity to do the work (staff/resources/machinery/fleet of vehicles), deliver within the estimated time of delivery/effectiveness, offer the lowest price and discounts, and demonstrate past performance.


CRS anticipates issuing a contract to a registered and licensed contractor/company or organization that has the capacity to deliver in Mukjar and Um Dukhun in Central Darfur. All interested parties must submit all relevant documentation as outlined below.


Any questions regarding this Expression of Interest may be submitted to the same email, or postal, address no later than Monday, 11th January 2021, 5.00pm. Short-listing will be completed by Monday, 25th January 2021.


Scope of Work, Duration and Deliverables

The tender will be divided into 2 lots based on geographic location and contractors may bid for one or two lots if shortlisted for the financial stage.


The locations of the Haffir dams are as shown in the table below:




Name of Site

Target Population

GPS Coordinates Latitude and Longitudes


Central Darfur


Goz EL faras

700 HHs

11.65677 & 23.49455


Rahad EL garad

1,000 HHs

11.65677 & 23.58063

Um Dhukun


1,000 HHs

11.34893 & 23.09734

Um Dhukun

Al Sannan

1,500 HHs

11.26053 & 23.16441

The scale of work required will include substantial site clearance and excavation works; installation of simple water distribution systems including appropriate water treatment facilities; and any necessary security measures required around the site to protect the local community and the water source. Pumping units, solar panels and elevated tanks may be required depending on the final designs. In all cases, works will follow all the technical assessments and designs provided to the shortlisted bidders at the financial bidding stage.


Contractual and Administrative Documents and Evaluation:

Observations and appraisals will be noted by the Bid Committee on an Expression of Interest Summary Form regarding the satisfactory completion of this prequalification submission. Any submissions that have not been satisfactorily completed in accordance with the requirements of this Request for Expression of Interest will be eliminated. Furthermore, the Bid Committee reserves the right to eliminate any company based on information within the tender returns or otherwise available to the Tender Committee that suggests the company submitting a tender return may not be eligible.


  1. Letter of Interest
  2. Certificate of Company Registration
  3. Tax Registration Number
  4. National Business License
  5. Type of Contractor’s Classification
  6. Company’s Financial Statement for January 1st  to 31st December 2020, and Average annual construction turnover
  7. Proof of ownership of equipment related to the execution/construction on Haffirs in Central Darfur 


Technical Documents and Evaluation:

Failure to include any of these documents means companies will be eliminated from the bidding process.

The technical capacity of the company will be appraised through their submitted documents as described below. The Tender Qualification Checklist included in this package indicates the scoring methodology used to analyze submissions. The Bid Committee may eliminate any company if their program of works or capacity and experience does not appear to be adequate to undertake the works in question. Comments will be noted on the Expression of Interest Summary Form.


  1. Company Profile
  2. List and description of similar projects for the 5years
  3. Organizational Structure
  4. CVs of Key Staff
  5. List of Construction Equipment
  6. List and contact details of at least 5 references in the Darfur States
  7. Experience criteria (a) general construction experience (b) specific construction (Haffir Dams) experience
  8. Indicative Construction Schedule (Recognizing that the bidder does not have the final detailed designs, we would request the inclusion of an indicative schedule for the completion of 4 Haffir dams in the above locations based on your previous experience - this element will not form part of the scoring)


Due Diligence:

Contractors that have fulfilled the administrative and technical requirements of the bid process above will be subject to a further due diligence assessment once the bids have been analysed. This may include interviews with contractors, visits to the office of the contractor, visit to previous works completed by the contractor and reference checks.


Documents in this Package:

The following documents are included in the Expression of Interest Package:


  1. Request for the Submission of Expression of Interest (this document)
  2. Tender Qualification Checklist
  3. CRS Draft Long Form Construction Contract (*indicating the terms and conditions of any future engagement)


CRS reserves the right to exclude companies for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete in any administrative or technical aspects
  • Not meeting the required specifications
  • Request for proposal received after closing date
  • Have attempted to subvert the tender process.
  • Have conflict of interests regarding the proposed works.
  • Have been convicted for an offense concerning professional conduct.
  • Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information.
  • Were found guilty of breaching contractual obligations by other parties.
  • Are on any list of sanctioned parties issued by the Sudanese Government.


CRS may request additional information to clarify any of the issues listed above, and any such information should be provided promptly.


The Bidder must verify that it does not appear on:

  1. The website of the System for Award Management (SAM) formally known as the Excluded Party List System (EPLS):
  2. The website of the United Nations Security (UNSC) sanctions committee established under UNSC Resolution 1267 (1999) (the “1267 Committee”):
  3. The Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List



All documents, copies of bank statements and other information submitted in this REOI shall be dealt with in utmost care and will not be shared with anyone outside CRS. Due diligence will be made according to the contractor’s provided list of previous executed projects.



By submitting a response to this request for proposals, Bidders understand that BMZ and Caritas Germany are not a party to this solicitation. Interest parties agree that any protest to this request must be presented in writing with a full explanation of the concerns to CRS Sudan for consideration. At its sole discretion, CRS will make a final decision on the protest.


Requesting that submission of all of these documents should be made not later than Thursday, 14th January 2021, by 11:00 a.m. at CRS Offices in Khartoum or CRS office in Central Darfur- Zalingei.



The Country Representative


Catholic Relief Services,

Eltayef, Block 22,

House 252,

Khartoum, Sudan



CRS reserve the right to reject any offers that it may deem to be not in accordance with its existing system and policy of CRS on Contractor/Service Provider accreditation and enlistment.

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