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Provision of office Supplies and other items
Muslim Aid
 Bid No: MA Karrari 2562024
 City: Omdurman
 Deadline: 02 July 2024

Muslim Aid is an international faith-based humanitarian agency, currently operating in 17 countries worldwide, dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the marginalized and the poorest in the world. We are a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political organization. For more information on Muslim Aid and its operations please visit

Minimum mandatory requirements for specifications or contract performance:

Evidence of registration in Sudan  –Certificate of Business Registration.

Tax Identification Number (TIN)/Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate, whichever is applicable.

Completed Tender Documents, bidder Response Form & RFQ description of items

– all documents signed and stamped.

Compliance with MA Terms and conditions

-IAPG Guidelines for Suppliers

Before the deadline [2/07/2024] by the tender committee’ with your financial and inside envelopes marked as Financial Offer to the Private Tender Box c/o [MASCO Kassala office
Envelopes may be sent through postal or courier services or delivered by hand; and will be accepted during normal working hours for the country of submission. Please note that the Muslim Aid office will not be open during weekends or public holidays.

  1. Electronic Submission of bids is allowed through:   WhatsApp 0900941512–+249912529932 - 0114846762 – 


Please , note that the deadline for submitting your offer is 2/07/2024 at 16:00 PM, and any offer after that time will not be accepted.

For any queries and clarifications, please contact us:

Ibrahim Hassan


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