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Delivering Business Plan Competitions in Darfur
 Bid No: Expression of Interest 83353890
 City: Darfur
 Deadline: 08 Dec 2020


The Deutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH; “GIZ EmploymentPromotion Darfur for Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Host Communitiesfinanced by Federal Foreign Office of Germany, would like to hire a consultancy firm or NGO to design and implement 7 business plan competitions in Darfur: 3 in Nyala,2 in El Fasher and 2 in El Geneina with the following but not limited terms:


Overall, the contractor is responsible for organising these business plan competitions to engage 360 young women and men and produce at least 14 winning teams of up to 70 aspiring entrepreneurs.


The main objective of the assignment is to promote an entrepreneurial culture among the young population of Nyala, El Fasher, and El Geneina. More specifically, the objective is to equip up to 70 young women and men in these three capital cities with innovative and problem-solving thinking skills and business planning tools to undertake first steps to start their own business.


Accordingly, GIZ invites interested companies or NGOs to furnish GIZ Sudan with the following:


  1. An official letter expressing interest in the upcoming tender
  1. Proof that the company holds or is committed to establish a USD bank account outside of Sudan
  1. Comprehensive company profile with the following information; Address: City, Street, Place, Legal form, Registration body, Copy of the legal registration and any certificates/ credentials, Date of creation, Date of commencement of activities, Ownership details, Web address and social media accounts, Registration in VAT Tax Chamber, Business description, Business management structure, Number of employees, Services/ products currently on offer, List and CVs of Key Personnel and Operational Structure
  1. Detailed Health Plan in response to COVID-19, not more than two pages explaining the measures to be taken by the service provider during the implementation of the assignment, kindly indicate precaution measures related to working in groups, meetings, gatherings, in accordance to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation.
  1. At least one letter of reference from formally registered entities (business, international organisation, public institutions) confirming your company’s expertise in business development
  1. Financial Information (Jan to Dec 2019 Bank statement or Bank statement for last 6 months)
  1. Evidence of experience in organizing similar events to boost entrepreneurship among young women and men in Sudan.Only third-party evidence is accepted.


For consideration, all interested bidders should submit the aforementioned documents in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to GIZ Sudan Office reception at No. 3, Amarat Street, House, 28, Block 10a, Khartoum, Sudanlabelled:



Expression of Interest in Delivering Business Plan Competitions in Darfur 83353890” Your complete documents should not be more than 20 pages. Only complete documents received at the physical address indicated not later than 8rd December 2020 will be accepted and considered.


Do not send price offers, kindly note that complete tender documents would be sent to firms that express their interest. Non-conformity with all conditions mentioned could  lead to the exclusion of the bid.

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