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Request for Cash Agents in Sudan
Save the Children International
 Bid No: RFQ No. SCI-SDN-CASH-2024-03
 27/02/2024: Publish Date
 03/03/2024: Deadline
 City: Stated in the RFQ
 Deadline: 03 March 2024

Dear Esteemed Suppliers,  

SCI is currently looking forward to engaging the services of Suppliers to provide Physical Cash and Mobile Banking (Bankak) Services.

Below are the key points regarding the RFQ:  

  • Suppliers are to fill in the attached RFQ and BRD Forms: Suppliers are to sign/stamp on ALL the pages of the attached documents including all the SCI policies.
  • Service Delivery location – Stated in the RFQ.
  • Suppliers are to submit their percentage service Fee/Charge in the RFQ with fixed pricing terms for 6 Months minimum.  
  • The required lead time is One-Week from date of issuing the PO.
  • Sourcing Outcome will be a 1 Year Framework Agreement.
  • Please send your bids to
  • Deadline for the bid submission is on the 03/03/2024.  
  • For Technical Inquires related to the RFQ, please contact the below personnel:


Waddah Essamuldeen Ali  


Procurement Coordinator


Phone No.




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