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Construction of Gender sensitive permanent school latrines with 6 pits each in Alsalam primary schools at SSR Camps
Plan International
 Bid No: Tender No. (WN 03 for the year 2024)
 City: Kosti
 Deadline: 25 Jan 2024

Plan International Sudan

White Nile Program Area

Tender No. (WN 03 for the year 2024)

Plan International – Sudan White Nile Program – Kosti Office would like to qualify Construction of Gender sensitive permanent school latrines with 6 pits each in Alsalam primary schools at SSR Camps. in following locations:

  1. Alsalam Locality -Aljamiea SSR camp primary school
  2. Alsalam Locality -Alradis 2 SSR camps primary school.

Technical and financial offers are submitted by contractors and companies to implement the tender as shown in accordance with the conditions and specifications specified in the tender below, as well as the tender brochure and documents, which will begin to be delivered to those wishing to be delivered as of Sunday 14th January 2024 from the organization's office in the White Nile, Kosti City During official working hours. The last day to withdraw the tender booklet for contractors and companies is Monday : 22th January 2024, and the last day to receive the envelopes from companies and contractors is Thursday: 25th January /2024 at ten in the morning, the following conditions shall be taken into account when submitting the bid:

  1. Tax Free party in the name of the Director of Plan International Sudan White Nile Program
  2. The legal stamp within the limits of the cost of the bid (must be brought after the award of the bid to the successful party)
  3. Certificate of discharge from Zakat in the name of the director of the organization
  4. Business Name Registration Certificate
  5. Valid Engineering Regulatory Council Registration Certificate
  6. Valid Contractors Union Registration Certificate
  7. Certificate of financial ability (bank statement of at least three months)
  8. Certificates of completion of similar works
  9. Payment of 2% of the tender value by bank check, insurance company or bank guarantee letter in the name of the manager, supplemented to 10% for those who win the bid or refund for those who do not award the bid.
  10. Attach a copy of the required documents (please do not attach any of the required documents) and the documents are not returned
  11. The tender brochure and specifications are obtained from the offices of Plan International – Sudan, the White Nile Program Office, Kosti, east of the Kosti Officers Club and south of the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company.



The last day to receive tender brochures from companies and contractors is, Thursday: 25th January /2024 at  (ten ) 10:00 AM in the morning



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