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Provision of Hygiene Kits, Vegetable Seeds and Clean Up Campaigns Tools to NEF Office at Zalinge Venue within Central Darfur State.
Near East Foundation

NEF is a non-profit international development organization that has supported livelihoods recovery and community-based economic development in the Middle East, Africa, and Caucasus since 1915. NEF draws on local teams, experience, and partnerships in these regions to create community-led solutions to improve livelihoods and local governance among conflict and crisis-affected groups, while maintaining neutrality and ensuring inclusiveness in our approach. Working through a network of country offices and local partners, NEF has operations in ten countries: Armenia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Mali, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria. Our programs are organized around three themes: Inclusive Economic Development, Climate-resilient Development, and Stabilization and Peacebuilding.


 Bid No: PR1003868/PR1003870/ PR1003871/OFDA/CDS
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 25 Nov 2020

The Near East Foundation (NEF) / Sudan office is seeking qualified offers for the above mentioned upgrade services. Individual/Firm/Institution is kindly invited to submit your best and final Bids for the requested services. Your bid could form the basis for a contract between your Individual/Firm/Institution and the Near East Foundation.

To enable you to submit the bid, please find enclosed:

  1. Annex I: TOR Terms of Reference containing a description of NEF requirements for which these services are being sought;
  2. Annex II: Delivery location.
  3. Annex III: bid Submission Form, to be completed and returned with your bid

* Interested companies, and enterprises can download the tender documents from

Bids must be submitted through Email to prepared in PDF format fully signed and stamped, before the set deadline.

* Bid must be received by NEF at the above aforementioned means on or before 25th Nov 2020, 3:00 PM Sudan time. Any bid received after this date may be rejected. NEF may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of bids, by notifying all prospective proposers in writing. The extension of the deadline may accompany a modification of the solicitation documents prepared by NEF at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective proposer.


* Please contact below number for further info.

+249 900941433 Rashad Zakaria


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