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Supply & Transportation of Agricultural tools
Concern Worldwide
 Bid No: CWW/SUD/KRT0000368/2020
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 30 Nov 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,


Further to your enquiry regarding the publication of the above-mentioned Invitation to Tenderfor Supply & Transportation of Agricultural Tools, please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier:

1a. Instructions To Tenderer

1b. Technical Evaluation Form

1c. Tenderer’s Relevant Experience

1d. Tenderer’s Financial Bid

1e. Tenderer’s Declaration

2. Concern World Purchasing Terms and Conditions 

3.  Associated Policies to Concern’s Code of Conduct

4. Concern Anti –fraud and Whistleblowing Policy

We look forward to receiving your tender on or before Monday 30thNovember 2020, at2:30p.mat the address specified in the tender dossier.

Your tender bid must include the following documentation so please use the list below as a ‘Checklist’ before submitting your tender to Concern.




  1. Completed Technical Evaluation Form                  


  1. Completed Tenderer’s Relevant Experience Form


  1. Completed, Signed & Stamped Financial Offer


  1. Company Certificate of Business Registration.


  1. Company Tax Registration Certificate


  1. Signed Tenderer’s Declaration


  1. Company Profile


  1. Samples of the Agricultural Tools



Offers must be submitted in sealed envelopes, marked “not to be opened before Monday 30thNovember 2020, at2:30 p.m.” and should bear the tender reference “CWW/SUD/KRT0000368/2020- Supply & Transportation of Agricultural Toolsspecified above on the outside of the envelope for identification purposes.

Yours sincerely,


Nimrod Williams


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