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Calling for Long-Term all-weather Cash/Voucher Assistance Service
Plan International
 Bid No: PIS/KAS/RFP: FY24-002- Dec 2023
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 16 Dec 2023

Plan International Sudan registered with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security (License number is # 1066 dated 08/03/2017) and has a signed Country Agreement with Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) which governs the humanitarian work in Sudan. Plan has been building powerful partnerships for children for over 40 years in Sudan, currently maintains an operational presence in four states - Kassala, White Nile, North Kordofan and North Darfur,

Plan International aims to significantly contribute to the advancement of Cash Distribution Assistance and ensure that its approaches are mixed modalities, gender sensitive and rationally designed to meet the needs and outcome of the programme and are also adaptable to the context, feedback and evidence. Plan International initiated the use of Cash Distribution as a modality in 2011. In Sudan Plan is working in White Nile, Kassala, Gadaref, South Kordofan, North Kordofan, North Darfur, Al- Jazeera and Khartoum and Plan International will have to work towards scaling up the CVA modalities by making good use of existing knowledge, platforms and networks within Sudan and skilled people, following a common process to get a more effective and dignified humanitarian response.

Plan International Sudan invites capable Financial service Provider to submit proposal for Cash Distribution Assistance for its programme in Madani, Kosti, Dwaim, Gadarif, Kassala and Halfa, interest financial service provider can submit their proposals and all related official registration document through below email: 

Instructions to Tenderers:

These instructions are designed to ensure that all Bidders are given equal and fair consideration.  It is the Bidders responsibility to ensure their offer is complete and that you provide all the necessary information asked for in the format specified, or risk your offer being rejected. Further details required as below:

  1. Read and sign (Non-staff Code of Conduct) and submit together with its proposal
  2. Provide a profile including all legal documents.
  3. Outline the exact areas they can provide cash service to.
  4. Explain their ability to secure the cash during distribution.
  5. Outline how to deal with beneficiaries that don’t have personal identification

 Outline the percentage they charge on the service and any additional fees they may take..

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