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For Upgrading and rehabilitation of Gabanet Water Yard- Bau province



ADRA Sudan has been operational in Sudan for over 40 years and currently leads humanitarian assistance efforts in conflict-affected Blue Nile, White Nile and West Darfur States, supporting IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities. ADRA is also implementing urban programming supporting women projects in Khartoum state.ADRA Sudan’s current areas of programming include food Security and livelihoods, WASH, nutrition, Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Education and protection, with gender Equity and environment mainstreamed.

 Bid No: Ref:0029FY23
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 14 Dec 2023


ADRA Sudan – BN Damazine office

Restoring Access to WASH and Food security in BNR (RAWA)

Invitation to Tender (ITT)


For Upgrading and rehabilitation of Gabanet Water Yard- Bau province

Date: 15/11/2023

ADRA Sudan on behalf of its partners, is inviting qualified contractors and companies to bid for upgrading and rehabilitation of Gabanet Water Yard as per the specifications and details set in the tender booklet (BOQ)

Potential and qualified companies and contractors interested to carry out the upgrading works can collect tender booklet (BOQ) from ADRA Sudan Damazine office, AL-Riyadh , West to ALSiddiq hotel. Bidders must submit the following documents along with their offers:

  • Certificate of registration
  • The firm of the company profile and/or owner CV, technical and financial abilities and experiences of similar works implemented by the contractor or the company
  • Valid clearance certificate from Tax and Zakat
  • Bank statement verifying the financial ability of the bidder
  • Recommendation letter from the contractor’s union at state level
  • Guarantee check equivalent to 2% of the total value of the bid or guarantee letter from the bank or insurance company and must be topped up to 60% by the selected bidder

N.B All documents submitted for this tender should be copies (non-returnable)

  • The bids are to be submitted in a sealed and stamped envelops and posted in the tender box located in the organization premises in Damazine AL-Riaydh, near AL-Siddiq hotel
  • Closing deadline: Time 4:00 PM, Date 14/December/2023
  • Offers submitted in other manner than those indicated above will not be considered
  • The offers will be scored and evaluated based on the prices and the documents required to be attached
  • The organization reserves the right to accept the lowest or the highest offer

Contacts for any inquiries:      0913323527


Mohamed Hashim Seedahmed

Project Coordinator

ADRA Sudan – Blue Nile Region office







أدرا السودانمكتب النيل الازرق -الدمازين

مشروع استعادة الوصول إلى المياه والصرف الصحي والأمن الغذائي في اقليم النيل الازرق (RAWA)

دعوة لتقديم العطاءات (ITT)

لإعادة تأهيل محطة مياه منطقة قبانيت بمحافظة باو

التاريخ: 15/11/2023م

       ترغب منظمة ادرا السودان مكتب النيل الازرق بالتعاون مع شركائها في طرح عطاء لمقاولين أو شركات مؤهلة لإعادة تأهيل و تطويرمحطة مياه منطقة قبانيت بمحافظة باو وفقًا للمواصفات والتفاصيل المنصوص عليها في كراسة العطاء (BOQ)

يمكن للشركات والمقاولين المحتملين والمؤهلين المهتمين بتنفيذ أعمال التطوير الحصول على كراسة العطاء (BOQ) من رئاسة المنظمة بالدمازين حي الرياض غرب فندق الصديق. يجب على مقدمي العروض تقديم المطلوبات التالية مع عروضهم:

  • شهادة تسجيل
  • ملف تعريفي عن المقاول أو الشركة و/أو السيرة الذاتية للمالك والقدرات الفنية والمالية والخبرات في الأعمال المماثلة التي ينفذها المورد أو الشركة
  • شهادة ابراء ذمة سارية المفعول من مصلحة الضرائب والزكاة
  • كشف حساب بنكي يؤكد القدرة المالية لمقدم العطاء
  • توصية من اتحاد المقاولين بالولاية
  • شيك ضمان يعادل 2% من القيمة الإجمالية للعطاء أو خطاب ضمان من البنك أو شركة التأمين ويستكمل حتى 60% لمن يرسو عليه العطاء


ملحوظة: جميع المستندات المقدمة لهذا العطاء يجب أن تكون نسخًا (غير قابلة للإرجاع)

  • تقدم العروض في مظاريف مقفولة ومختومة وتوضع في صندوق العطاءات الموجود برئاسة المنظمة بالدمازين الرياض بالقرب من فندق الصديق.
  • الموعد النهائي للتقديم: الساعة 4:00 مساءً ، التاريخ 14/ديسمبر/2023
  • يتم تقييم العطاء استنادا على قيمة العرض والمستندات المطلوب ارفاقها
  • سيتم تقييم العروض وتقييمها بناءً على الأسعار والمستندات المطلوب إرفاقها
  • المنظمة غير مقيدة بقبول أقل او أعلى عرض ويمكن قبول العرضين أو أحدهما ورفض الاخر

للتواصل لأي استفسار: - 0913323527

محمد هاشم سيد احمد

منسق المشروع - أدرا السودان –  مكتب إقليم النيل الأزرق




Blue Nile State

ADRA Sudan with cooperation with Ministry of Infrastructure and urban development

Drinking water corporation

Bill Of Quantities

Location : Gabanit - Bau Province

       Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Borehole to Water Yard





Unit Price (SDG)

Total price SDG








Clear out existing 250ft bore”






Provide materials and conduct pumping test for wells till finding good productivity using all the equepment necessary to the work according to DWC specification to determine production, yield, depth and Dynamic Water Level






Supply and installation of a 1 ¼ -inch submersible electric pump (stainless steel) with a capacity of (5) m3/h, vertical pressure of 70 m, complete (pipes, cable, drums, etc.) and supply and installation of G.I. Accessories such as tees, elbows and flanges, according to the direction of the supervising engineer and the recommendation of the study and the well test






 Provide materials and construct elevated steel tank with the following specifications :
1- 5000 Gallon tank capacity 
2- 6 mm thick steel plates for the base of tank
3- 5 mm thick steel plates for the sides of tank
4- 3 mm thick steel plates for the cover of tank
5- Tower of tank from H channel 20 cm high 6 m
6- Foundation of tank as shown in the drawings Complete with inlet & outlet pipes, ….etc






Supply and installation of a solar energy operating system, including (10 cells x 450 watts, 4500 watts, flip switch, 20 amp breaker, 16 mm cable, 30 meters long, lightning rod, charger and all accessories to complete the control panel






Provide and install eruopean diesel engine 18 HP  manufacturing or eqivelant  complete with accessories (suction pipe,delivery pipe,foot valve) and Motor 10 Kw and  (water cool system) of recognized manufacture and type .






Rehabilitation of the old existing tank with all its accessories (welding, grilles, painting, and revision of the up and down line) and connection to the new tank according to the specifications and recommendations of the supervising engineer






Supply and install invertor European -Made or Equivalent (Micno ) 3 HP and all switches inside switching box, with original circuit breaker of 150 Amps and Hybrid Switch.






Supply and install Galvanized pipe 1¼ -inch






Supply, manufacture and installation of a 4 x 4 m operating room of 36 gauge zinc, heavy 8 x 4 pipes, concrete floor, door and windows, according to the principles of workmanship






Provide and install chlorine dosing pump injection and cylinder to disinfect water to consumer with all accessories






Tap Stand:
Provide Materials and installation fence 6m x4m with gabion Wire with an opening of 5 cm and thickness of the Gabions wire is 3 mm and wide 150 cm for Fencing long 10 m , and erect fence around filter area with poles from heavy iron pipes 2 inch dia and foundation for poles in concrete mix 1:2:3 dimension 40cmx40cmx50 cm and fix erect gate from rectangular iron pipes 4x8 , 3x6 inch width 1.5m and high 1.8 m per specifications of drawings and according to DWC/WES standard and Engineer instruction,.






Tap stand:  Supply and construct reinforced concrete slab platform  20 cm thick dimensions 4 m x 1m , supported on 3 pillars 0.7m clear high above ground , built from red brick in c/s mortar (1:3) , and tap stand including following :Pipe connection : 3” cast iron control valve, 3” galvanized iron pipe stand for cart filing with 3” cast iron with flexible hose control valve and 3 “ water meter Draining facilities of plain concrete floor 4×1.5×0.1 m under the platform and duct 4×0.3×0.2 m to carry waste water out of the fence and 6 taps of ½ inch, all according to drawing , norms and the directions of the Engineer






supply and construct floor slap at the floor of the tap stands, the cost includes 10 cm thick plain concrete slap @ ratio 1:2:4, the cost includes the soil filling and compaction of min 20 cm thick and lay in the 10 cm thick plain concrete slap. 





7- Provide materials and lay 3 inch HDPE 10 bar to connect elevated tank with to water point including all fittings






Provide and installing valve 3-inch for control network of water 






Supply and construct reinforced 10 cm thick concrete slap stand for the tap stand on 30 cm thick red brick wall with c/s mortar. the cost include plaster with C/s mortar 1: 6 and other finishing’s. manholes (80x80x50 cm depth) for gate valve etc , The cost includes, 3'' gate Valve






Water animal trough: Supply and Installation of 3-inch, HDPE Pipeline 6 Bars from the raw water delivery line to the location of animal trough 30 m long, with all connection and fittings. The cost includes HDPE (Kasen) 3" and 3 " gate Valve (2 No). The 3-inch and valve is costing more but it helps in fast filling of the animal trough in case of large number of animals especially cows.






supply and fabrication of 2 basin animal trough, heavy steel 3mm thick with 2-inch angular 4mm for the frame of the animal trough. As specification on the design. The cost including coating with primer min 3 coats and apply gray color coat on top.






fencing the facility 15 m ×15 m as stander the tap stand should be fences , Provide Materials and installation gabion Wire with an opening of 5 cm and thickness of the Gabions wire is 3 mm and wide 150 cm for Fencing long 10 m , and erect fence around filter area with poles from heavy iron pipes 2 inch dia and foundation for poles in concrete mix 1:2:3 dimension 40cmx40cmx50 cm and fix erect gate from rectangular iron pipes 4x8 , 3x6 inch width 1.5m and high1.8m per specifications of drawings and according to DWC/WES standard and Engineer instruction,












17% vat






Total without VAT






Timeline for completion
























Contractor name:                         










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