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Technical design for infrastructure development intervention under the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) Infrastructure Development Works in Al Gezira State
International Labour Organization





 Bid No: SDN/19/50/NLD
 City: Al Gezira State
 Deadline: 12 Oct 2023

Terms of Reference National Consultant

Technical design for infrastructure development intervention under the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) Infrastructure Development Works in Al Gezira State (SDN/19/50/NLD)


Start date: 26/09/2023

End date: 12/10/2023


Background and Introduction

Under the Government of the Netherland’s funded “Partnership for Improving Prospects for Forcibly Displaced Persons and Host Communities” programme, also known as the PROSPECTS partnership, the ILO partners with IFC, UNICEF, UNHCR, and WB Group to develop a joint and fully integrated approach to respond to the forced displacement situation in Sudan. The Partnership focuses on improving the quality of life and livelihood opportunities for refugee and host community populations in East Darfur and West Kordofan states.

Technical assistance under the Partnership focuses on three main pillars; namely, 1) Education, 2) Employment, and 3) Protection. Under Pillar 1 and 2, the ILOs Employment Intensive civil works programme will play a central role in employment creation, public asset creation, and value chain upgrading in the target locations. The adoption of the EIIP approached, practices, and technologies by the local construction contractors will enhance post-intervention employment opportunities for those engaged under the EIIP component of the project. It is of paramount importance therefore to demonstrate the viability of the approach through actual implementation and delivery of the priority infrastructure assets identified by the ILO in consultation with the national stakeholders. The ILO’s interventions thus aim to maximize labour intensity (i.e. the ratio of labour inputs in comparison to capital inputs) of the infrastructure rehabilitation works without compromising technical standards. Through the approach, the intervention can equally generate much needed income, job, and skills development opportunities to as many project beneficiaries as possible.

Since 15 April 2023, Sudan has seen intense and deadly clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Over the past two months, the humanitarian situation in the country has aggravated, causing a shortage of food, water, cash, fuel, healthcare, and other basic services, and triggering massive displacement within and out of the country. As the situation in Sudan remains volatile and unpredictable, displacement figures continue to change rapidly.

Because of the insecure situation in large parts of Khartoum, civilians fleeing the fighting, have been displaced and relocated to places of relative calm, such as Gezira, White Nile, Gedaref, and Kassala states. These movements have put strains on the service delivery capacities in these states.

As part of the response for the conflict, the UN OCHA has conducted a rapid needs assessment in Al Gezira state to identify the humanitarian needs of the people displaced to the state due to the ongoing war in Khartoum. This rapid assessment helped to initially identify a number of intervention/activities in the WASH and health sectors in the target areas. Potential scope and possible EIIP interventions were identified and include improving access to clean water for displaced population and host communities, provision of suitable housing/shelter options, rehabilitation of health facilities, construction of latrine blocks, and waste management.

Overall Objectives

The main objective of this TOR is to recruit a national engineer to coordinate with relevant stakeholders, such as government officials and local communities, and conduct technical assessment for the identified priority infrastructure assets in Al Gezira State (both at the identified gathering points and host community areas). The assessment is expected to result in immediate and mid-term EIIP intervention designs, including Bills of Quantities (BOQs), drawings, cost estimates, and other specifications for infrastructure construction/rehabilitation activities within the state to create immediate jobs and assets for both the displaced persons and host community members.

This consultancy also aims to map the locally based contractors in Al Gezira state to be selected and trained on the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) methodologies and field practices.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, main duties and responsibilities for this assignment include the following:

  1. Coordinate with local stakeholders to plan and conduct condition surveys in the proposed areas in Al Gezira state and prepare immediate and medium-term interventions.  
  2. Prepare and submit brief report after the site visit outlining the immediate and medium-term interventions.
  3. Prepare and submit design documents (drawings, detailed technical specifications, bills of quantities -BOQs, and cost estimates) for the proposed EIIP interventions.
  4. Submit to the ILO’s review the design report including drawings and price estimates.
  5. Identify and map small scale contractors who are based in Al Gezira and can be invited to submit expression of interest documents.
  6. Participate in the evaluation of the submitted expression of interest documents (EOI).

Key deliverables

Key deliverables under this consultancy are detailed below:

Key Deliverables


Deliverable 1:  

Inception report: 

Detailed workplan including all the activities for the duration of the consultancy.

Within 5 days from the contract signature.

Deliverable 2:

Interim progress report: 

After the site visits, Includes the proposed immediate and long term EIIP interventions and the list of local contractors based in Al Gezira.

Within 10 days from the contract signature.

Deliverable 3:

Design report:

Includes the design drawings (architectural, structural, electrical, and sanitary) bills of quantities, cost estimates, and technical specifications.

Within 25 days from the contract signature.

Deliverable 4:

Final report:

Includes the unit rate analysis and the evaluation of contractors’ expression of interest documents (EOI).

Within 15 days from the contract signature.


Reporting Lines

The consultant will be under the general supervision of the PROSPECTS Sudan Programme Manager and under the direct supervision of the EIIP Specialist based in Mogadishu, Somalia. The consultant will get technical guidance and work in close consultation with the PROSPECTS’ national EIIP Engineer. 

Qualifications and Competencies:

The consultant shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Education

Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering/Architecture is required. A master's degree will be an advantage.

  1. Work Experience

At least 7 (Seven) years of relevant working experience in construction, building sector.

Proven experience in preparation of design drawings, technical specifications, and cost estimates is required.

Previous experience in technical assessment and carrying out similar works.

Previous experience with UN agencies is an asset.

  1. Language

Excellent command of English and Arabic.

Evaluation Criteria

In evaluating the documents, the score allotted in the next table shall be used:

Evaluation Criteria

Maximum score

  1. Candidate’s Experience and previous similar works

At least 7 (Seven) years of relevant working experience in construction, building sector.

30 points

Proven experience in preparation of design drawings, technical specifications, and cost estimates. Proven experience in design of EIIP works.

20 points


Previous experience with UN agencies.

10 points

Maximum Points


60 points

  1. Technical proposal

Technical proposal and narrative clearly demonstrate competencies and practical experience in conducting similar assignments.

20 points

Previous experience in technical assessment and carrying out similar works.

20 points

Maximum Points


40 points

Total for both Section A (60 Points) and Section B (40 Points)


100 points

Minimum Acceptable Score for candidates to be considered for financial evaluation



Contract duration

The duration of this consultancy is 55 working days to be completed in 3 months from the date of contract signature.

Payment Schedule

The consultant will receive a fixed daily professional fee. This fee includes local transportation within Al Gezira state. The consultant is responsible to arrange his his/her transportation at his/her own cost, no additional cost will be given to transportation.

Any additional cost related with number of workdays will be entertained only with the prior approval of the ILO.   

The consultant can use the table below to indicate their financial proposal:




Unit cost (USD)

Total (USD)










The ILO will provide all the necessary documents and reports relevant to this consultancy; assist in coordination with relevant stakeholders, review and approve progress report, provide feedback as necessary and ensure timely payment of agreed amounts are made.

Payments will be released upon submission and final approval of the below reports:

  • (15%) as a first payment after submission of Deliverable-1.
  • (35%) as a second payment upon submission and approval of Deliverable-2.
  • (40%) as a third payment upon submission and approval of the Deliverable -3.
  • (10%) as a third and final payment upon submission and approval of Deliverable-4.


The consultant bears the charges levied by his/her own bank.

Instructions to Bidders

The candidates should submit a technical (CV and technical narrative) and financial proposal.

The CV should clearly indicate relevant past experience in the construction sector, highlighting comparative advantages.

The technical narrative should indicate how the consultant intends to undertake the activities, summary of similar projects and work done in the past; and include the proposed workplan.

The financial proposal should include the daily professional fees to carry out activities according to the total number of working days indicated in this TOR. The consultant should use the table above to prepare their financial offer.

Submission of Documents

Interested candidates should send their Technical proposal and financial proposal to no later than 12 October 2023. Requests for documents as well as questions related to the assignment can be submitted to by 05 October 2023. All candidates will receive a response latest by 09 October 2023.

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