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Tender to Upgrading police posts in White Nile State Alsalam-Algabalain Localities- UNHCR Project



ADRA Sudan has been operational in Sudan for over 40 years and currently leads humanitarian assistance efforts in conflict-affected Blue Nile, White Nile and West Darfur States, supporting IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities. ADRA is also implementing urban programming supporting women projects in Khartoum state.ADRA Sudan’s current areas of programming include food Security and livelihoods, WASH, nutrition, Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Education and protection, with gender Equity and environment mainstreamed.

 Bid No: Ref:0016- FY23
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 31 August 2023

ADRA SUDAN White Nile Office would like to open a tender for Upgrading Police posts located in Alsalam and Algabalain localities.

Term of Tender:

Documentation Required: -  

  • Certificate of incorporation by the administration of commercial records and the Ministry of Justice.
  • A certificate is free of tax and discharge from Zakat (should be original).
  • The legal seal, the origin of the seal (should be original).

Documents with weight and values in the competition

  • Certificate of registration of its establishment in the Ministry of Labor.
  •  Membership of the Union of Contractors.
  • Certificate of registration of the Council of Organizers of Technician Works

Documents and other conditions of technical and financial weight and their value in the competition

  • The company's CV or work name.
  • Projects similar to the business models and the date of implementation and the certificate of the owner of the project with image reinforcement.
  • Proof of financial estimate of the last year in figures.
  • Project implementation schedule.
  • The potential of the company (equipment and human resources).



General Conditions

  • The cost of the tender must include all government fees including the added value.
  • Tender Currency value in Sudanese pounds.
  • A regulated organization is not obliged to accept less or any tender.
  • The bidder must have the financial ability to complete at least 25% of the work because the organization does not pay an advance when signing the contract.
  • The offers shall be delivered in sealed envelopes, sealed with red wax, and written on the back (bid for Upgrading police posts). It shall be placed in the tender box of the office of the ADRA in Kosti - WNS.

The tender documents will be available free of charge in the ADRA – Sudan Kosti office’s office. The tender is open from 16th Aug up to 30th Aug 2023 then the tender will be closed at 4:00 pm on 31th Aug 2023 and the envelopes will be opened the following day with the presence of the companies' handouts presented in the tender.

Site Visit:

ADRA will organize a site visit for the contractor to visit the sites, interested contractor participating in the visit shall provide their own (transportation, permission from Kosti to the site, Food, etc.)

The two site visit on (21-22) Aug 2023 from Kosti at 8 am

Only the contractor, who provided their ID before 17 Aug 2023 will join the site visit, giving ADRA Team two working Days for the preparation of visit permission.        

For any clarification or inquiries on this particular tender, please contact, the following numbers:

Line of communication:

For any clarification or inquiries on this particular tender, please contact, the following numbers:

from (8 am to 4 pm) during the hours of official working days.

(00249) 99 5793850                    Eng.: El basher Mohamed      

(00 249) 96 3765555                    Eng.: Ayat Abdalraheem

(00 249) 96 5846514                    Eng.: Alrasheed Ahmed       

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