Bid Closed
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Concern Worldwide
 Bid No: CWW/SUD/21316-21330-21333-292338/2023/03
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 13 April 2023


Due to the announcement of the public holiday last Thursday 6th April,the above referenced Tender number was due to close on Thursday also.  As the office was closed, the interested tenders were unable to meet this deadline.  To facilitate the interested parties to submit their bids in a timely manner, Concern will now extend the closing date to 

Thursday April 13th @1200 (UTC + 2) Khartoum Time.  

Bids will be accepted during this extended period in the following ways 

  1. By email to 
  2. Physically to the Khartoum office ONLY at the address in the Instructions to Tenders document. 

Due to the extension of the closing date, The Opening Session will now be moved to 

Monday 17th April @ 0930- (UTC + 2) Khartoum Time 

Those interested in attending the public opening of these bids may attend the Concern Khartoum office or may attend online on the MS Teams platform.  

Registration is required for those wishing to attend online.  Registrations can be sent to no later than 12 pm Sunday 16th April.  A link will be sent to those who have registereed on the morning of the meeting 


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