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Tender Notice for Upgrading Shelters in the White Nile Alsalam and Algabalain Localities



ADRA Sudan has been operational in Sudan for over 40 years and currently leads humanitarian assistance efforts in conflict-affected Blue Nile, White Nile and West Darfur States, supporting IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities. ADRA is also implementing urban programming supporting women projects in Khartoum state.ADRA Sudan’s current areas of programming include food Security and livelihoods, WASH, nutrition, Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Education and protection, with gender Equity and environment mainstreamed.

 Bid No: Ref:0006 FY23
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 07 April 2023


ADRA SUDAN - White Nile State - Kosti Office

Project: Provision of Primary and Secondary Education to Refugees and Asylum seekers in White Nile State funded by UNHCR

Subject: Tender Notice for Upgrading Shelters in the White Nile Alsalam and Algabalain Localities

Ref: 0006 - FY23

ADRA Sudan, on behalf of its partners, is inviting all qualified suppliers and companies to upgrade shelters for refugees and asylum seeker located in Alsalam and Algabalain localities. All potential and qualified companies and suppliers interesting to upgrade shelters, can collect tendering documents, scope of work, technical specification and BOQ from ADRA Sudan - White Nile Office in Kosti located in Hai Alandalus, House block 438-439 number

Terms and Conditions for the tender

  • Supplier/company Certificate of Registration
  • The owner/ supplier CV, supplier/company profile
  • Membership of the Union of Contractors
  • Financial abilities and experience of similar works by the supplier or the company
  • The cost of the tender must include all government fees including the added value tax
  • Valid clearance certificate from Tax and Zakat
  • The legal seal, the origin of the seal
  • Bank statement from previous 6 months verifying the financial ability of the bidder
  • Tender value in Sudanese pounds (SDG)
  • The potential of the company (equipment and human resources).
  • Implementation plan /schedule
  • Delivery Location: Alsalam and Algabalain localities, White Nile State
  • The technical and financial proposals are submitted in separate envelopes
  • Guarantee check equivalent to 20% of the total value of the bid or Guarantee letter from bank or insurance company


N.B. All documents submitted for this tender should be copies (non- returnable)

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