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Invitation to Local Open Tender (LOT) for the provision of food supply for EMERGENCY ONG ONLUS
 Bid No: SDK-2023-LOT-Food-001
 Local Open Tender:
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 25 March 2023

Hereby EMERGENCY ONG ONLUS would like to invite your Company to submit your best offer for the provision of Food Supply for The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Soba Hilla, Regional Program patients and Mayo Paediatric Clinic. This invitation is aiming to identify the most reliable contractor providing the best value for money, the highest quality available and the best delivery time.

Please be guided by the files uploaded in order to submit your best offer.

07/03/2023: Please note that in the PDF of the Supplier Registration Form it has been added the Self Declaration on pag. istanbul escort 39/40, as per the excel file (Annex 5). Total Nr. of pages is 42.

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