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Invitation to Tender fop provision of Non-Food Items in Blue Nile Region - Kurmuk, and Bau - localities



ADRA Sudan has been operational in Sudan for over 40 years and currently leads humanitarian assistance efforts in conflict-affected Blue Nile, White Nile and West Darfur States, supporting IDPs, returnees, refugees and host communities. ADRA is also implementing urban programming supporting women projects in Khartoum state.ADRA Sudan’s current areas of programming include food Security and livelihoods, WASH, nutrition, Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Education and protection, with gender Equity and environment mainstreamed.

 Bid No: Ref:0001 FY23
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 02 March 2023

ADRA Sudan- Blue Nile Office

RAWA Project

Invitation to Tender fop provision of Non-Food Items in Blue Nile Region - Kurmuk, and Bau  - localities 

Ref:0001 FY23

ADRA Sudan, on behalf of partners, is inviting a qualified suppliers and companies to bid for of Non-Food Items. All potential and qualified companies and suppliers interesting to provide the items required, can collect tendering documents, scope of work, technical specification and BOQ from ADRA Khartoum Office located at House 64, Block 18, Ebn Alwaleed Street, Riyadh City-Khartoum.

Terms and Conditions for the tender

  • Supplier Certificate of Registration
  • The owner/ supplier CV, supplier profile, and financial abilities and experience of similar works by the supplier or the company.
  • The cost of the tender must include all government fees including the added value.
  • Certificate is free of tax and discharge from Zakat.
  • Tender value in Sudanese pounds.
  • Bring Sample and attach with bids offer.
  • Delivery time if the offer is selected. (Timeline to deliver the items).
  • Delivery Location: Blue Nile Region - in Damazine
  • ADRA Sudan is not obligated to accept less, or any Tender does meet the stated conditions
  • Any tender that is incomplete and does not meet the specifications quoted in the BOQs will be rejected.
  • Bids offer/Quotations should remain valid for a period of 10 calendar days after closure of the tender.
  • The payment after deliver all items required and to be accepted by ADRA office in Blue Nile

N.B. All documents submitted for this tender should be copies (non- returnable)

  • The offers are to be submitted in a sealed and stamped envelopes and posted in the tender box at ADRA Sudan –Khartoum office. It is clearly marked with (ADRA SUDAN-BN/  Non-Food Items).
  • The tender documents will be available free of charge at ADRA Offices
  • The tender opens from February 1, 2023, to March 2, 2023then the tender will be opening the on March 5, 2023.







Jeri Cans جركان

10 liters

3000 pcs


Washing Soap صابون غسيل 

200 gm

445 cartons (27 pcs each)


Bath soap صابون حمام

150 gm

12,000 pcs

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