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Supply of Crop Seeds
VSF Germany
 Bid No: VSFG/Sudan/11/2022/2892 SHF project
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 26 Dec 2022

Invitation to Tender for supply of crop seeds


Vétérinaires Sans Frontières - Germany(VSF Germany) is a non-governmental, non-profit making international Organization, engaged in the field of veterinary relief and development work providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. With support in animal health, agriculture, marketing, and food safety, VSFG works towards food security and strengthened livelihoods of pastoralist communities. VSF Germany implements activities in Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia. VSF Germany invites expression of interest from qualified suppliers / contractors for the supply of the appended:



Description of Items




Sorghum seedsWad Ahmed variety – second generation





Ground nutSoudary variety – second generation






TENDER REFERENCE No. VSFG/Sudan/11/2022/2892 SHF project


A complete set of tender documents can be obtained by interested candidates from VSF Germany Country Office in Khartoum,Riyadh, Block No (14) and Building No (90) North of Makah Eye Hospital,and VSF Germany Field office in Genina located in Almajlis area, East Imam Alkazim Basic School, Geneina,for further information telephone: +249 (0)125458913  and+249 (0)914165928 during normal working hours,email address Tender documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked Tender Application with category and tender notice number and addressed to:



The Chairperson,

Tender committee,

Veterinaires Sans Frontieres (VSF) Germany,

North of Makah Eye Hospital, Khartoum, P.O. Box 12970


The Chairperson,

Tender committee,

Veterinaires Sans Frontieres (VSF) Germany,

Genina Office, Almajlis area, East Imam Alkazim Basic School




The tender application document should be in tender boxes at VSF Germany Khartoum or Genina Office not later than 26thDecember, 2022 at 04.30pm. Tender documents shall be opened at VSF Germany office in Khartoum as well VSFG Genina Office on 27thDecember, 2022 at 11:00 am and can be witnessed by the applicants or their representatives.

VSF Germany reserves the right to cancel the tender, accept or reject applications and is not obliged to provide reasons for its decision thereof. Any canvassing or late tendering shall lead to automatic disqualification.

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