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Establishment of water infrastructure in Central Darfur
Catholic Relief Services

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 Bid No: CRS-Sudan-BU-RFGS-21246
 City: Central Darfur
 Deadline: 18 Nov 2020

Resilience Approaches for Integrated Developmentin Darfur (RAID) is a 36-month project that aimstosustainably increase food security and nutrition of 20,212 rural returnees and host households (HHs) in 15 selected villages of Mukjar and Um Dukhun localities of Central Darfur.


The overall objective of RAID is to sustainably increase food security and nutrition for 20,212 rural returnees and host households (HHs) in 15 selected villages of Mukjar and Um Dukhun localities of Central Darfur in line with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RAID will contribute to (SDG 1) - eradication of poverty, by organizing and strengthening 15 communities to sustainably manage and ensure equitable access to natural resources through different livelihood groups and enabling them to access basic resources and services. Moreover, RAID will support communities to build their resilience by reducing peoples’ vulnerability to conflict and climate-related shocks and disasters. RAID will also contribute to the elimination of hunger and improvement of food security and nutrition (SDG2) by improving agricultural productivity through capacity building of 20,212 small holder farmers and pastoralists and their household financial security and assets through participation in community savings and lending groups. RAID will contribute to good health and well-being through alleviation of malnutrition(SDG 3) inCU5 and PLW, and improve the knowledge and skills of 15,760 care givers, to increase the adoption of essential health, nutrition and hygiene practices. The project will also directly contribute to promoting gender equality (SDG 5), peacebuilding (SDG 16), strengthening local institutions and establishing sustainable and resilient communities (SDG 11).


RAID Project is seeking the services of from qualified Sudan based companies for the establishment of 4 earth dams (Heifers) in Central Darfur, (2) in Mukjar and (2) in Um Dhukun localities at specific points as indicated on the bill of quantities. These earth dams will improve access to water by target communities for domestics and livestock use. The works on establishment of these earth dams is done in collaboration with Ministry of Production and Economic Resources (MoPER), local community leaders in the target communities and villages heads who will be using these infrastructures. Contractors are thus required to will be required to comply with and observing this community leadership structures.


Specifications for goods/Services required

  • Contractors are required to be guided by the bill of quantities attached for all specifications to ensure that the earth dams are completed to detail. Deviation from these specifications is not allowed and may be used to alter the payments to be made to the Vendors

For bidding process and more details check the below attached document.


   -  RFP Earth Damps in CD.docx

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