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Invitation for Expression of Interest (EoI)
International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps is a global, nonprofit, humanitarian aid organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering by providing emergency medical services, as well as healthcare training and development programs, to those affected by disaster, disease or conflict


 Bid No: EOI/010/001/KHT/2022
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 31 Oct 2022

International Medical Corps (IMC)is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care trainings,relief and development programs. IMC is working in Sudan since 2005, implementing various humanitarian projects in various parts of the country.

We are currently updating our database of authorized vendors in Sudan who will in future be invited to participate in tendering for supplies, services and works related to our activities. Registered Companies, Consultants and Contractors that offer any of the following: supplies, services and works, are being sought.

  • Vehicle maintenance and provision of vehicle spare parts (Sedan, Land Cruiser hardtop, Toyota Hilux etc.)
  • Electrical Equipment (Fridge, AC, Cooler, electrical kettles, microwaves etc.)
  • Solar System and bulk materials
  • Office Stationery
  • Office Supplies (Refreshments like sugar, coffee, water, powder milk) 
  • Provision of printing services/ visibility materials (IDs, T-shirts, Vest, Business cards, caps,Banners, Mileage logbooks etc.)
  • Design,Construction and/or rehabilitation of buildings especially health facilities i.e., Construction materials and civil engineering Service providers (masons, carpenters, plumbers, contractors and construction Engineers and consultants)
  • Supply of cookers and Gas refilling service
  • Road Transportation services(In Khartoum and from Khartoum to other field sites (South, Central and West Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile state etc.)
  • Internet services
  • Provision of Audit services
  • Provision of legal services/Support
  • Customs clearance and forwarding services for road and air transport.
  • Provision of Insurance service in general as well as for staff
  • Provision of First Aid Kits and Firefighting equipment/extinguishers
  • Travel agencies(flight booking for both local and international, visa processing etc.)
  • Office and House Furniture and Fittings supplies
  • Supply of IT materials (Laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras, printer`s cartridges etc.)
  • Supply of fuel and Lubricants
  • Supply of relief items / Hygiene items
  •  Power Generators and spare parts, supply installation and servicing.



All interested vendors are requested to submit the enclosed ‘Vendor Registration Form' along with the copies of below certificates:


  • Company Profile
  • Company Valid Registration Certificate (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Tax Identification and Valid Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Valid Operation Licenses



Submission Notes:

Please submit all the requested documents via: by using the Reference#: EOI-010-001-KHT-2022_ Category Name (Example: EOI-010-001-KHT-2022_Office Stationery) for each lot/category you intend to apply. You can apply for any number of lots/categories from the above list.


The last day for the submission of the requested documents is October 31st, 2022,until 4.00 PM(Khartoum local time). Bidders shall not be reimbursed for any costs incurred in connection with the preparation and submission of their documentations. 

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