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SSPS SUV car rental
 Bid No: Expression of Interest No. ''83416801''
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 18 August 2022



PN: 20.9002.5-001.0

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH assists the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. We offer demand-driven, tailor-made, and effective services for sustainable development worldwide. The principles of sustainability guide our actions. We advocate for human rights, equal opportunities, and integrity, and we promote market-oriented, ecological, and socio-economic development.

The project “Supporting the Stabilization Process in Sudan” is a project within the framework of the commitment of the Federal Republic of Germany supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The aim is to support the transitional efforts in stabilizing Sudan leading up to election in the transition phase in areas: Energy availability and, public finance Literacy. The project’s target is the Sudanese people and Non-state actors.

The objective is to rent an SUV car Model 2019 or later (Car to be parked at project's requested location, Driver and Fuel included to cover up to 3000km/month) to assist intransferring the project staff to and from the project sites and partners, run errands, obtain project quotations, and other project tasks and rides. The SUV Car rental is for a limited duration. The SUV car needs to be in a clean and in good condition with a working air condition and seat belts.

Accordingly, GIZ invites interested service providers to provide GIZ Sudan with the following:

  • a.An official letter expressing interest clearly indicating your interest to participate in this tender.
  • b.Comprehensive company profile with the following information: Contact information: PhoneNumbers/Emails. Address: City, Street, Place. Legal form, Registration body, copy of the legalregistration, Date of creation, Date of commencement of activities, Ownership details, VAT registrationdocuments.
  • c.Financial Information bank reference letter in favour of GIZ OR recent 12 months bank statements for theyear 2021 and up to June 2022.
  • d.Proven previous experience; by providing a list of other parties (at lease 3) the car rental agency providedcar rental services to, along with their contact info, and a list of contracts awarded in the last 2 years (atleast 5) and their durations . Third party evidence of satisfactory performance is highly encouraged to besubmitted.
  • e.Provide a copy of insurance documents, and a List of conducted maintenances since July 2021.f.A list of SUV cars the company has and their model and year.

For consideration, all interested bidders should submit the documents in English Language in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to GIZ Sudan Office reception at No. 3, Amarat Street, House 28, Block 10a Khartoum, Sudan, labelled as below:

“Expression of Interest No. ''83416801'' SSPS SUV car rental”

Only complete documents received at the physical address indicated not later than the 12:00 Noon 18th August 2022 will be accepted and considered. Do not send price offers, kindly note that the Terms of reference and complete tender documents would be sent to firms that express their interest. - Non-conformity with all conditions mentioned could lead to the exclusion from the bid.

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