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Cybersecurity Training
 Bid No: Expression of Interest No.83416208
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 11 August 2022

PN: 18.9075.5-001.00

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH; “The German Biosecurity Programme, initiated by the Federal Foreign Office, aims to support partner countries in improving the control of biologically relevant safety and security risks. In this context GIZ is looking for a service provider to conduct a Training on Cybersecurity for the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL). The training aims at conveying basic cyber security knowledge as well as awareness-raising to NPHL laboratory and IT staff.

This service provider is expected to provide the following deliverables but not limited to: A) The design and development of the curriculum. B) Define the objectives or learning goals of the respective training module. C)Define the training elements, structure, agenda and roles; D) Prepare the training modules and materials E) Develop an evaluation tool to monitor the capacities after the training In addition, the specific curriculum should be need-based, i.e. the contents should be closely coordinated with our partners. Therefore, the definite objectives and contents should be determined upon consultation with the Sudanese partners as well as GIZ.

Accordingly, GIZ invites interested service providers to provide GIZ Sudan with the following:

  • a. An official letter expressing interest clearly indicating your interest to participate in this tender.
  • b. Comprehensive company profile with the following information; Contact information: Phone Numbers/Emails. Address: City, Street, Place. Legal form, Registration body, copy of the legal registration, Date of creation, Date of commencement of activities, Ownership details.
  • c. Financial Information bank reference letter in favour of GIZ OR recent 12 months bank statements from 2020 and 2021.
  • d. Proven previous experience that the training centre have conducted similar trainings before. Third party evidence is highly encouraged.

For consideration, all interested bidders should submit the aforementioned documents in English Language only in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to GIZ Sudan Office reception at No. 3, Amarat Street, House 28, Block 10a Khartoum, Sudan, labelled stated below:

“Expression of Interest No.”83416208”

Your complete documents should not be more than 20 pages. Only complete documents received at the physical address indicated not later than Thursday, 11th August 2022 will be accepted and considered. Do not send price offers, kindly note that complete tender documents would be sent to firms that express their interest. - Non-conformity with all conditions mentioned could lead to the exclusion from the bid.

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