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Procurement of Oil Spill Response Equipment
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 22 June 2022

We are in the process of announcing a Request for Quotation: Procurement of Oil Spill Response Equipment.

Opening Date:  June 1st 2022, Closing Date:  June 22nd 2022.


Petrolines for Crude Oil Company Limited (PETCO) is pleased to invite qualified companies to submit their sealed Quotation for the Request for Quotation (RFQ) of the Procurement of Oil Spill Response Equipment (technical offer & Commercial Offer) in separate sealed involve.

Interested Suppliers can obtain the Quotation through hand for the local supplies in Petrolines head office 7th Floor Office No.70760 and for the international suppliers can obtain through courier (DHL), and for any clarification suppliers can send through email (


Please see the attachment of the RFQ and your quotation should include the following:

  1. Quote as the attached list of RFQ.
  2. Currency
  3. Delivery Time
  4. Payment Terms
  5. Incoterms.

6.    Two Years Spare Parts.

7.    FAT (total 5 Persons).

8.    Onsite train in g to cover the following aspects:

a.    Operation of the equipment’s.

b.    Trouble shooting& preventive Maintenance.

c.    Oil spill combating(IMO level 1).




   -  List of OSR Equipment.docx

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