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Supply of improved seeds and Agricultural tools for Abukarshola and Al-Abassia localities at South Kordofan state and Kurmuk locality at Blue Nile state. توريد البذور المحسنة والأدوات الزراعية لمحليتي أبوكرشولة والعباسية بولاية جنوب كردفان ومحلية الكرمك ب
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Human Appeal is a non-profit organization working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice, and natural disaster. Through the provision of immediate relief and the establishment of self-sustaining development programmes, we aim to invest in real, effective solutions.




 Bid No: HA.SUD.RFQ.02.22
 City: South Kordofan, Blue Nile
 Deadline: 07 June 2022

Under community security and stabilization programme in Sudan. HA has a number of interventions are being carried out to achieve HA overarching aim of improving food security of communities supported by the program. Towards this end, HA - Sudan will procure improved seeds and tools to support farmers in its project locations in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.
These seeds will be tender as Lots as stated in the table attached in Qutation request and interested companies should have the capacity to supply the right quality, quantity and packages of the required seeds. The seeds will be supplied to Kurmuk locality at Blue Nile and Abukarshola and Al-Abassia localities at South Kordofan.
The information and documents specified above should be submitted to HA-Sudan on or before June 04, 2022 by 04.00 pm at the latest in hardcopies in a sealed envelope to
The Procurement Committee, Human Appeal – Sudan – Blue Nile office Hai Al-Daraja or country office in Khartoum Building # 364, Block 24/ Alsawahli, Street, Altaif city Khartoum, Sudan.
All bids shall be submitted before 4:00pm on the 4th June 2022 Sudan time.
General Requirements
All eligible Agricultural companies that are qualify and are technically competent for the provision of services as specified in Annexes are invited to submit their proposals. 
All offers shall be made in accordance with these instructions, and all documents requested should be furnished, including any required (but not limited to) supplier-specific information, bill of quantities, and/or delivery schedule. If any requested document is not furnished, a reason should be given for its omission in an exception sheet. 
List of experience in similar services in supply of seeds. This list should clearly state at least 3 names of the awarding companies, business email, contact person name, contact person phone number, order value and type of seeds supplied. 
Each offer shall be valid for the period of 30 days from its date of submission.
All offers should indicate whether they include taxes, compulsory payments, levies and/or duties, including VAT, if applicable.
Human Appeal reserves the right to reject any and all offers, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of Human Appeal.

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