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 Bid No: PR# 8500030
 City: Gadaref
 Deadline: 02 June 2022



The office of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Gedarif invites interested and reliable consultants, institutions and firms to indicate interest by submitting tender documents for the following services:


Title: invitation to Bid - Provision of English language training course to primary teachers in refugee camps of Um-rakobah and Tenedbah, Gedarif Eastern Sudan




Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) re-entered Sudan in 2020 and is establishing its operational footprint in multiple locations affected by conflict and displacement, over the past year, NRC has demonstrated a regional competence and expertise in working with displaced and host community populations. NRC has mainly focused on Tigrayans who are displaced by recent conflict, NRC has good community acceptance at different levels and among different stakeholders including, but not limited to, local communities, government, humanitarian actors/agencies. This strengthens the organization’s ability to operate safely and deliver assistance in Eastern Sudan, including hard to reach areas. NRC has extensive presence in key locations in Sudan and robust operational capacity. This enables reach to a larger number of beneficiaries, and strategically be able to respond quickly and efficiently.




NRC has been implementing teachers training programs for primary level education alongside other education activities in two refugee camps in Gedarif, Easter Sudan (Um-Rakoba and Tunadbah camps) through liaising with local NGOs and teachers training institutions in the country, 60 teachers been trained on different skills and pedagogical training program. To further expand the teachers training program in line with education sector strategic plan 2021-2023, the need to develop and design teachers training programme in English language is essential. The teachers training programme will give teachers in the refugee camps access to in-service training that will ultimately improve their English language skills, learning outcome, quality of the education programmes and enable them to gradually transit to the formal education in English language Sudanese curriculum.  

NRC is working closely with the education sector represented by UNHCR, UNICEF, Save the Children and Islamic Relief Worldwide, alongside with the Ministry of Education, local partners and camp management to deliver the needed assistance to the Tigray community.



Reference PR# 8500030



NRC in Gedarif is seeking a consultant, institution or firm to provide training on level two English language course for 125 teacher in Um-rakobah and Tenedbah camps in Gedarif eastern Sudan, NRC is providing the camp based teachers with English language skills in order to overcome the difficulties of language barriers and  in order to transit from none-formal to structured formal Sudanese curriculum in English language




Consultant should share plan, methodology, list of training materials and pre and post assessment questionnaire 10 days before the training schedule, to incorporate feedback timely.

NRC is providing 2 levels English language course for 125 Teachers in Um-Rakoba and Tunadbah camps in Gedarif, Eastern Sudan, each level will be completed within 3 weeks, 5 days per week, 2hours per day with maximum class capacity of 20,  Which is expected to achieve the following activities:


·       Coordination with project staff of NRC, to understand the context and the status of trainees.

·       Prepare training materials

·       Levels test for the participants

·       Develop and share plan, methodology, list of training materials and pre and post assessment questionnaire 10 days before the training schedule, to incorporate feedback timely.



  • The Consultancy shall provide the services with appropriate care and attention and in line with the Contract.
  • The Consultancy shall allow NRC Representative or his authorized representative’s full access to supervise the operations. To ensure compliance with the contract documents and the criteria set by NRC,
  • The Consultancy shall provide and maintain the necessary liability insurances with respect to its employees for the duration of such contract and any extension thereof, to cover claims for personal injury and death as per the laws of the country.
  • Creating a conducive and supportive environment to encourage the trainees to complete the training
  • Cooperate with program staff of the NRC  for effective supervision and monitoring
  • Manage and coordinate all training activities: timetable preparation, attendance and supervision


  • NRC will provide the Consultant with a list of trainees
  • NRC is also responsible for finance and monitoring the activity through agreed entitlements due to the contracted service.
  • NRC will review and comments on training reports and send back to the Consultant on time, when final comments addressed and adjusted,
  • NRC will conduct monitoring to the trainees to ensure adherence to the provisions of this agreement
  • NRC shall cooperate with the service provider according to the signed Agreement;
  • NRC shall supply all necessary information and written instructions for the Contractor to carry out the services properly.
  • NRC will provide Transportation for the contractor’s representatives to and from the training venue in camps (The place for running training is in the vicinity of participants’ designated residences) 
  • Food and drinks during training.
  • Whiteboards/flipcharts for group work, pens, books, scissors, masking tape poster paper, colored pens, selective photocopies, as well as Chairs and tables.
  • NRC has the right to inspect the quantity and quality of materials and workmanship used.


·       Better English speaking skills, increased vocabulary, and more learning skills.

·       Conflict affected teachers in Um-Rakoba and Tunadbah camps will be able to identify key language skills in basic English

·       Teachers acquire more knowledge

·       Be able to use more technical educational vocabularies



The expected outputs in the undertaking of the English training course include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Training plan.
  • Training manual.
  • Pre and post training assessment report.
  • Technical report on training.
  • Training notes/presentations.

The expected date to start is June 2022 and conclude by August 2022. Please see the table below for an indicative outline of delivery dates and milestones. Please note that this is subject to change.




Delivery dates:


1 Week

·       Written and oral exam will be conducted to all participants to determin their levels

·       Categorize the participants in suitable levels / grups

1 Week

·       Classrooms and Materials preparations

·       Meetings and information sessions between NRC key staff and the Service provider

4 Weeks

·       Course start and course complete

1 week

·       Levels test and evaluation

·       Feedback sessions

·       Reports submission to NRC




Application closing date is 2 June 2022,


Interested consultants/institution should submit required documents listed below to the following email:


·       Proposal of maximum three pages in length, including outline of approach and methods to be applied, proposed timeframe, work plan and any comments on the TOR.

·       Outline of experience in similar work. 

·       CVs of leading consultant indicating relevant qualification, experience with academic certificates,

·       References from previous relevant work, /employers

·       Financial proposal detailing the budget professional all costs required for undertaking this consultancy.

·       At least two examples of similar work undertaken.

·       Certificate of Registration

·       Tax Registration Certificate



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