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Provision of conducting Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for All PETCO facilities
 Bid No: 11927-A
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 19 June 2022



TENDER NO: 11927-A




Petrolines for Crude Oil Limited (PETCO) is pleased to invite your company to submit a sealed Bid for the above mentioned Tender. Your Bid submission shall be strictly in accordance with the Invitation to Bid (ITB) Documents.

Before you submit your Bid, please read and understand clearly the content of all the ITB documents which include the following:-


  • Form A : Instructions and Information to Bidders (among others, explaining how format of proposal shall be submitted to PETCO);
  • Contract Form (incorporating the terms and conditions of proposed Contract)
  • Bid submission must be in English only.
  • Bid submission shall be clearly typed and hand written submission is not acceptable to PETCO.


All costs incurred in preparing and submitting your Bid including presentations and site visits if required prior to bid submission shall be solely at your own expense and will not be reimbursed by PETCO under any circumstances.

Furthermore, PETCO shall not be responsible for any loss and/or delay in delivering your proposals. PETCO reserves the right to reject any or all Bidders or select Bidder(s) of its choice without assigning.


For Invitation to Bid (ITB) Documents please contact


Please submit your bid proposal not later than 3:00 PM (Local time Sudan), by 19th June 2022@ Sunday (the Bid Closing Time & Date) to:-


Tender Secretary

A & S Department.

Petrolines for Crude Oil Limited.

7th Floor – Plot No (91) Block No (4), Mugran District

Khartoum – sudan

FAX. No.: 249-183-0371983

Tel   No. : 249- 187-0370769


You are hereby forewarned to follow strictly all the instructions given in FORM A: Instructions and Information to Bidders particularly the instruction relating to the legal requirements, completion, packaging and submission of your Bid Proposal. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification of Bidder even if the bids were submitted on time.

Subsequently, please use the form made available at Form B of the Bid Document to confirm your interest to participate in this tendering exercise within three (3) days upon receipt of the Bid Document.


Thank you.


Tender Secretary



Tender No.:                     11927-A

Tender name:                 Provision of conducting Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for All PETCO facilities.                            

Tender closing date:    June 19th , 2022

Contact Person:             Amal E. Ali

Contact email:      

Contact No.:                   +249-900918175




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